Peter is a Bible teacher and ministry trainer, based in southern England. His main ministry is as co-director and mentor of Cor Deo, a full-time mentored study and ministry training program.


If churches could find a way to stop pretending unity is guaranteed by agreeing on a statement of faith and striving to not fall out over tertiary issues, and instead be drawn together by a shared pursuit of the good God who stands behind these big five issues, with hearts open to each other and to what the Bible has to say . . . well, perhaps Christian unity would not feel so brittle.

The Bible: Studies by David Frampton

Assurance: The Believer’s Responsibility

There are two extremes to avoid. The first could be called “decision card assurance”. This focuses attention on the event of conversion and one’s personal action, instead of focusing attention on the Lord. It emphasizes “never question your salvation”, and the result is carnal security. The second could be called “spiritual pulse taking”.

New Covenant Essentials by Blake White

New Covenant Essentials

How God brings revelation, history, and humanity from creation to new creation is referred to by many as “Redemptive History.” One of the most complex yet rewarding pursuits in biblical studies is to understand the flow of Redemptive History. What is its structure?


A Disciple is basically an Imitator

If you have any interest in being a disciple of Christ, then by definition you are signing up to be an example to other Christians. You can’t switch it off, take a break. In my home, whatever I say and do, I have to always keep in mind that, “Little eyes are watching you!” The imitation of a “master” is widely used to teach such skills as cooking, art, gardening, home renovation, tennis, the martial arts, golf, and even doing surgery: one method of teaching surgery is “See one, do one, teach one.”

Galatians 3 - Tim Conway

We Live With Our Eyes On Christ

Tim Conway: The Galatians were wanting to be perfected and grow and advance in the Christian life, and yet Paul came in and rebuked them for being conceited and biting and devouring one another. Why? Because they had gotten their eyes off of Christ and Him crucified and had turned back to the works of the law.

1 Peter 1:14 with Andy Murray

Conduct Yourselves With Fear

If you have read the pilgrim’s progress, and I highly recommend that you do, there is a scene when Christian comes to Calvary and we see that Christian is an utterly changed man when he gazes upon the cross. Christian’s burden of sin and guilt is forever loosed from off his shoulders and falls from off his back and tumbles down the hill and into the tomb and is never seen again. Christian is given rest by Christ’s sorrow and life by His death.

Books at a Glance Preview

Books at a Glance – Latest Articles – Sept 22, 2015

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Study Series in John's Gospel

Who is a Friend of God?

Slaves are simply told what to do, while friends are informed of their master’s heart. Jesus informs his friends of his motives, plans, and purposes. In times past, God’s covenant people were not informed of God’s saving plan in full measure, as is true of His New Covenant people.