Ocean City Bible Conference Apr19

Ocean City Bible Con...

The Ocean City Bible Conference is Moe’s favorite annual family conference. It takes place each September in Ocean City, New Jersey. It is a ministry of Ocean City Baptist Church and takes place at its facilities in downtown Ocean City. It’s one great conference that suits the family well.

Jesus’ Table Evangelism Jul22

Jesus’ Table Evangel...

We are called to spread the good news of Christ to all who will hear. We are not called to cloisters but to be beacons of lights. We are to enter into Jesus’ work of gospel advance. And “dinner evangelism” is one way in which our Lord himself has shown us to do it.

Sanctification and To Do Lists Jul21

Sanctification and T...

the written Word of God is our ultimate authority and instruction for walking in the new way of the Spirit. The Word is our very life. It is the revelation of Christ to which our faith clings and the Spirit quickens, to bring us into the full maturity of everything we already possess in Him.

Krummacher: Peter’s Tears Jul20

Krummacher: Peter’s ...

It is said that a tear glistened in Peter’s eye as long as he lived. If this is anything but a legend, it was not a tear of sorrow only, but of joy at the mercy experienced, tempered only by a permanent melancholy. The remembrance of his fall never left him for a moment; and in the degree in which it kept him low, it sharpened his spiritual vision for the mystery of the cross and of salvation by grace.

Counselors: A Community Jul19

Counselors: A Commun...

Who wakes up one morning and says, “From this point forward, I’ll be OCD!”? Or “I want to be depressed for the next 10 years!” Nobody does that. Or when it comes to anger, especially our angry outbursts, how many are premeditated? Nobody does that.

Where Should We Start? Jul18

Where Should We Star...

This is tedious stuff for non-historians, I’m sure, but the question of what God is like is important. And Pseudo-Dionysius plays a larger role in our modern conception of God than most of us know. This, in turn, calls for a bit of patient curiosity, so please track with me as we note three other important figures.

What Are We To Do? (Week fifthteen) Jul17

What Are We To Do? (...

Prayer for the Spirit-led believer is spiritual breathing. It is an ongoing activity that becomes a state of mind. In that state of mind the individual becomes aware that he is living and functioning in union with God and will want to communicate with God always about everything, whether consciously or sub-consciously.

All Things New 2014 Jul16

All Things New 2014

For the last several or more years we have gathered together to share with one another what little we know of the glorious truths of the New Covenant. It is our desire to expand our understanding of the New Covenant that is sealed by the blood of Messiah Jesus and administered by his Holy Spirit. We welcome the curious. We were all curious at one time.

Proverbs 16:2-4 Jul16

Proverbs 16:2-4

God has graciously & wisely given us each and every circumstance – from our physical strengths and weaknesses, to our positive and negative circumstantial environments – that we might be brought face to face with the conditions best suited to maximize the exposure of the sin within us that needs dealt with, as it hinders Christ’s likeness within us.

Jesus on Money Jul15

Jesus on Money

Jesus says, be wise. Use your money well. Use it so as to reap dividends that are eternal. Heaven cannot be bought, but by faithfulness with our material things we may earn rewards that last forever. Use it in such a way that it will meet you again in heaven.

At The Center Of The Universe Jul14

At The Center Of The...

What will change your approach to what you’re going through is worshipping! You don’t get in the mood to worship – you worship and then it PUTS you in the mood! When you’re saying true things with other people of God who are saying those true things, do you know what starts to happen? YOU ACTUALLY START TO BELIEVE IT.