Ron served on faculty for more than 20 years at Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary. At the seminary, from 1995-2007, he was professor of historical theology and ethics. He earned his PhD at King’s College of the University of London. His research featured Richard Sibbes (1577-1635). He now teaches internationally while serving as a pastoral care consultant to missionaries with Barnabas International. Ron authored Discover the Power of the Bible and writes on


Who was Ebed-melech? We don’t know him apart from Jeremiah. His name in the text seems to be a title rather than a personal name. It means “servant of the king.” And so he was: one of the palace staff for Zedekiah, King of Judah. This raises a related question. Was he a free man? Probably not.


Spurgeon On Justification

The righteous are brought unto the judgment to be there manifested and acknowledged as the Lord’s people. Justified already in God’s sight and in their own, they are now to be justified in the sight of men and angels, and that in such a way that the equity of the divine procedure will be apparent to all.

Confessions of a would be shepherd

Confessions of a “Would-Be” Shepherd – Part Two

I’m convinced that we who are called to oversee Christ’s sheep in the church must employ the same tactics I did with my sheep long ago—by concentrating on their feeding. I’ve had the great privilege of knowing many pastors through the years, both in and out of the pulpit. The better I’ve gotten to know them, the more I’ve realized that pastors have the same problems, faults, and failings as anyone else.

New Covenant Theology (NCT) with David HJ Gay

Baptism In Romans

Which baptism is spoken of in Romans 6:3-4? Is it water baptism or spiritual baptism? Whichever it is, it is effectual. What is more, it must be spiritual baptism (even if – if, I stress – water is involved) for it brings the sinner into Christ. The question then comes down to this: Is it water baptism which produces spiritual baptism, or is it spiritual baptism with no thought of water?

Study Series in John's Gospel

The Farewell Discourse (Part One)

Even being with Jesus for a long time did not guarantee insight into truth. The miracles were signs. It is not that they convince everyone, but rather, thoughtful meditation upon them would reveal that the kingdom of heaven has come upon them in the Person of Christ. It has been said that seeing is believing, but Jesus seems to say that believing is seeing! Believing in Jesus is seeing God.

The Bible: Studies by David Frampton

Very Great and Precious Promises

As believers, we ought to be much more Christ-like. We should confess our sin that we are not. But in the words of John Brown, “let them not despair—let them resolve to use more carefully, than heretofore, the abundant provision which has been made for their indefinite progress in holiness….”

Always Learning with Lori Alexander

Happy Or Holy In Marriage?

My best friend and I were talking the other day and she said they would probably join a small group that is studying marriage and that the goal of marriage should be holiness, not happiness. I’ve been pondering that ever since. I’ve often heard that God wants our holiness, not necessarily our happiness. I wonder…How does the outside world know we are any different if we aren’t happy?

Faithful Husband Unfaithful Bride

Faithful Husband, Unfaithful Bride

I found such comfort in seeing how the Lord understood the pain I was going through. But then, with such tenderness and kindness, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, “You, too, are an unfaithful Bride. Consider all of the ways you have been unfaithful, all of the things that have drawn your heart away from me.” I was cut to the core.

Books at a Glance Preview

Books at a Glance April 4, 2015

The latest from “Books At A Glance”. Books at a Glance distinguishes itself as a book summary service that focuses on the newest and the best of Christian publications. Along with these summaries they also provide: book reviews, author interviews, author blogs, etc. Check them out.

An expositional bible study series in Peter's letters

Precious Faith

Our passage is calling us to renew our thinking about what is most precious in this life. Peter is really helping us thing carefully about what really matters here during the time of our sojourn. He is giving us the truth we need to understand this life that don’t often match the life we would have planned. If we ignore the truth of what Peter is saying here we are going to be more discouraged and more susceptible to stumbling.