Why Saints Persevere

Our God is faithful to His relationships; as a Father He will not renounce His children, as a friend He will not deny His people, as a Creator He will not forsake the work of His own hands. He is faithful to His promises, and will never allow one of them to fail to a single believer. He is faithful to His covenant, which He has made with us in Christ Jesus, and ratified with the blood of His sacrifice.

David, as a missionary with Operation Mobilisation, has a role in leading a church plant in Chippenham, England.


Either grace is a flotation device given from afar that enables one who cannot swim to swim, or grace is a person jumping in to save and be depended on for everything. This contradistinction is the Rubicon between Christian traditions formed by systematic theology and biblical theology.

Books at a Glance Preview

Books at a Glance Mar 21, 2015

The latest from “Books At A Glance”. They have put together an amazing team of highly regarded scholars to provide Christian readers with up to date information about recently released Christian books of worth. We highly recommend their services to our readers.

An expositional bible study series in Peter's letters

Chosen of God

It is God’s own Word that speaks about election and predestination and it speaks about these things in contexts meant to strengthen God’s people, not meant to chafe and distress us. Peter is telling us about God’s choosing of us – we are an elect people! – and he is telling us this in order to grid us with strength in this world.

Testing Ministry - Fake or Real


Let’s be clear on what the Spirit’s work looks like! I simply refuse to equate this gaudy show of carnality with true, Spirit-filled worship! The giddiness, the silliness, and the levity that so often accompanies these exhibitions of the “spirit” are a far cry from the sobriety of mind, humility, and self-control that are the hallmarks of a genuine work of the Holy Spirit.

New Covenant Theology (NCT) with David HJ Gay

The Foolishness of Theonomy

I refer to the recently published YouTube video: ‘The Theonomy Debate: Joel McDurmon vs. Jordan Hall’. Joel McDurmon is an advocate of theonomy (reconstructionism), while Jordan Hall is an advocate of covenant theology. The motion before the two men is: ‘Mosaic Civil Law is Obligatory for Civil Governments Today’, proposed by McDurmon, opposed by Hall.

Look At The Book

DG’s LAB Project – January – March

At Desiring God they continue to grow their LAB studies. As we’ve mentioned previously “Look at the Book” is a new online method of teaching the Bible. It’s an ongoing series of 8–12 minute videos in which the camera is on the text, not the teacher. We highly recommend to you the ministry of Desiring God and labors of John Piper.

Study Series in John's Gospel

The Week leading to the Cross (12:20-50)

Four vital truths which had occupied a prominent place in Christ’s oral ministry are here singled out: His appeal to the Father which sent Him (John 12:44, 45, 49); Himself the Light of the world (John 12:46); the danger of unbelief (John 12:47-49); and the end of faith (John 12:50). The result is clear that the guilt of unbelief …

A Study Series in First Peter with Dr Steve Orr

The Saved Sinners

So long as you are alive to sin you have no chance of living to righteousness but if you have died to sin then living to righteousness in no longer an impossibility. Paul says the same thing in different words as he continues in Romans 6:4 by saying: “We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death”.


Spurgeon On Perseverance

It is nowhere said in Scripture, that if a man fall he cannot be renewed; on the contrary, “the righteous falleth seven times, but he riseth up again;” and however many times the child of God doth fall, the Lord still holdeth the righteous; yea, when our bones are broken, he bindeth up our bones again, and setteth us once more upon a rock.