2 Corinthians with Andy Murray

Working With You for Your Joy

We have been studying the New Testament letter of 2 Corinthians where Paul is patiently defending his words and actions and ministry to a church that has some in its number who are accusing Paul and seeking to undermine his ministry. One of the things these combatants are saying is that Paul is fickle and untrustworthy and apparently does not have God with him because he seems to make his plans according to the flesh, saying he will come, but then changing his mind.

To Walk In The Spirit

Series: To Walk In The Spirit

Introduction: This is a republication of Ward Brandenstein’s excellent study “To Walk In The Spirit: Essential Truths for Christian Living” as a series of articles (blog posts) to the readers of CMC. The teaching on the Holy Spirit and his relationship to the believer is sorely neglected in today’s church. Let’s make a determined effort to change this and impress upon one another the benefits of Walking In The Spirit.

Peter is a Bible teacher and ministry trainer, based in southern England. His main ministry is as co-director and mentor of Cor Deo, a full-time mentored study and ministry training program.

With Me

As a physician and man of science Luke was a diligent researcher who sought out the eyewitnesses and compiled an orderly presentation of what actually happened. And yet as a physician and provider of care he must have been a sensitive listener who cared for the lowly participants in the events and offered a caring awareness of people that could easily have been treated as insignificant at that time.

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Thou Shalt Not Bully

There are now hundreds of versions of the Bible in English, and more come out every year. And there is great benefit from comparing version with version. Still, if I were king, I would impose a moratorium on new Bible versions for at least a decade. If I were king. But, let’s see what hand life has dealt us. First, there do exist twisted…

Dean Bertsch Missions

Dean Bertch – May 14, 2016

oday I’m for two weeks of teaching. The first week will be in Otavalo, Ecuador; the second week will be in Gotera, El Salvador. In Otavalo, we will be doing the fourth module of our curriculum. The spiritual discipline will be Scripture Memorization and Meditation. The academic component will be Survey of Church History. I have the privilege of teaching alongside Pastor Ed Fleming from Oakwood Baptist.

The Bible: Studies by David Frampton

Spiritually Outfitted – Part Two

Why should we put on the full armor of God? We should put it on because the Lord commands us to (cf. Luke 12:35). This alone ought to be sufficient reason. We are to recognize his authority to direct our lives. Who are we to disobey the Lord? But this is an age of incredible spiritual immaturity. I speak of us all. Someone has said that American Christianity is 3,000 miles wide and a half an inch deep. Therefore, let’s think of some other reasons.

2 Corinthians with Andy Murray

Yes in Christ Jesus!

Paul is asking the Corinthians to consider the word (the message) that he and his fellow ministers had been commissioned to bring to them. Paul says his message was not fickle, indecisive, or weak; neither was it dishonest, underhanded, or according to the flesh. The message was not yes and no. Instead, Paul had brought the word of the gospel, the word about the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Peter is a Bible teacher and ministry trainer, based in southern England. His main ministry is as co-director and mentor of Cor Deo, a full-time mentored study and ministry training program.

Evangelising Me

The human problem is far greater and deeper than we’ve ever imagined. Not only are we all guilty before God, but we are also dead-hearted toward God and we don’t have His Spirit uniting us with Christ or with each other. This was not God’s design. He made us to live in the freedom of guiltless fellowship with Him, our hearts being stirred continuously by the Spirit so that our lives might be lived in the abandon of response to the love of God.

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Grumpy Legalists

Many people have consigned me to eternal hell because I am (supposedly) an apostate – papist – Illuminati – communist – Satanist – anti-Christ – God-hater-gay-heretical (let me catch my breath!….okay) and on and on and on. There are some very angry people out there. The reasonable people I try to dialogue with, but if it’s mere verbal abuse, I sadly just end up blocking them – legalists are nothing if not persistent, and if a legalist writes me one letter, he’ll probably write a bunch.