What If We Loved God? Apr18

What If We Loved God...

The tone of the dinner conversation was actually searching rather than nostalgic: we were not complaining; we were looking for insight. We reflected on the loss of devotion to God’s words: the Bible no longer carries much weight even among Christians. So what does this mean for the future? Has Christianity run its course?

What Are We To Do? (Week Two) Apr17

What Are We To Do? (...

Since walking occurs by a series of single steps, these two words, reckon and yield can be thought of as the two steps to use to walk in the Spirit! When I reckon as in verse 11, it is likened to stepping with my left foot. When I yield as in verse 13, it is likened to stepping with my right foot.

1 Peter 2:9-10 (IV) Apr17

1 Peter 2:9-10 (IV)

Why are self-help books so popular? Well, I suggest that people like self-help books because they tell us that, although we might need a little bit of help, basically we can do whatever is necessary for ourselves and so they boost our egos. Yes, we might need pointing in the right direction.

Proverbs 11:1-10 Apr16

Proverbs 11:1-10

Either people walk in the freedom which is theirs in Christ – or they are slaves to sin. There is no other option. There is no middle ground between the two. Either they are free in serving Christ, or they are slaves to their lusts. And it behooves us all to examine ourselves regularly to see where we are in this regard.

Protect Your Mind Apr15

Protect Your Mind

Why is it that you don’t pick up a burning log out of a fire? Because of what you know to be true about burning logs, they are hot and burn your hands. What you know to be true about the log affects how you treat the log. This is the way we live our lives. This is true in everyday life and it is true in the Christian life. Your mind plays a central role not just in Christian thinking, but also in Christian living. Why?

2 Corinthians 8:16-24 Apr14

2 Corinthians 8:16-2...

In this section of Second Corinthians, the apostle Paul is urging them to fulfill a commitment they freely made to give a generous gift to needy Jewish believers in Judea. This was a big project involving many churches over about a five year period. Paul has been reviewing some of the underlying ideas about this gift, but now he inserts some information about the administration of this gift.

Krummacher: Judas Iscariot Apr13

Krummacher: Judas Is...

We are without any tradition respecting Judas’s earlier life; but we certainly do not mistake if we take it for granted that his gradual development was such as to justify uncommon hopes. He soon showed himself possessed of superior abilities, acute understanding, strong excitability, and energetic will, and therefore seemed, as he was probably soon conscious of himself, to be capable of deeds of a superior kind than the limited current of quiet, civil life, affords opportunity for performing.

14 things your missionaries might like to tell you Apr12

14 things your missi...

Let me put on my missionary hat! When Paul and Barnabas returned home from their journey, they “gathered the church together, they declared all that God had done with them, and how he had opened a door of faith to the Gentiles” (Acts 14:27). Your church’s missionaries periodically pay you a brief visit. They will tell you about their successes and failures, and thank you for your support.

The Main Character Of Revelations Apr12

The Main Character O...

Now if you think that the book of Revelation is hard to understand, try to wrap your mind around the doctrine of the Trinity – that the one true God eternally exists in three persons (three self-conscious egos): Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. How God could be one essence and three persons is nearly incomprehensible to us, were it not for the fact that it’s not a contradiction.

One Bible, Three Roles Apr11

One Bible, Three Rol...

The Bible is not honored as an end in itself, but as a gift from a loving Father. This can be dressed in traditional religious forms and liturgy, or in a highly contemporary feel. The logic is simple: the Bible is a personal revelation of God the Father in the person of His Son by the work of the Spirit, that calls for response for the sake of relationship.