Books at a Glance weekly recap

Books at a Glance – July 16, 2016

Hi, I’m Fred Zaspel, editor at Books at a Glance. Plenty of new material to see this week! Our summary of Scott Christensen’s book about free will and our interview with Gloria Furman on her new book are of note. Make sure not to miss out on K. Scott Oliphint’s explanation about the covenantal nature of apologetics!

2 Corinthians with Andy Murray

The God Who Has Spoken

The abuse and misuse and disregard for God’s Word is a perennial problem. It was a problem in Corinth and it is a problem today. People will use and abuse the Word of God to achieve their own ends until Christ returns. The question is #1. Are we one of those who abuse the Scriptures? and #2. Are we vulnerable to those who do? Really.

Cor Deo UK News Update

Cor Deo UK Update: July 2016

One of the things I love about Cor Deo is the constant talk of ‘we’ and ‘us.’ Cor Deo is not a singular, independent Force or Source of truth. We are an inviting and spreading community who want to walk step by step with Jesus. Fellowship is at the centre of who we are and everything that we do.

A. Ward Brandenstein

Facts Four through Seven

The resources of spiritual living originate from Christ who is seated in the heavenlies. God regards the believer as being united with Christ, so that the believer is not limited to mere human resources. Since God created man to be preeminently a spiritual being, and in regeneration, the spiritual nature is to be the paramount part of man, the provision of all spiritual blessings in Christ allows the believer to enjoy God’s rest when our human nature tends toward having anxiety, doubt, and worry.

Peter is a Bible teacher and ministry trainer, based in southern England. His main ministry is as co-director and mentor of Cor Deo, a full-time mentored study and ministry training program.

Consumer Sheep Consumer Shepherd

Let’s be sure that consumerism isn’t driving our values so that we selectively shepherd those that will help our goals for the organisation. Let us look to Him and seek to shepherd all those that have been put in our local flock at this time. If they hear your voice (public and private), and know you take some ownership of their spiritual health, and care, then they might follow you toward spiritual vitality and health.

Thoughtful content from Dr Gary Shogren

Is the Earth a flat disc after all?

Is it just me, or is anyone else running into Flat Earth proponents lately? People who think NASA is doing mind control over us, that no one has ever been to space, that the Bible teaches the earth is a disc? Yeah, it’s a thing. It’s conspiracy thinking at heart. Basically an extension of the chemtrail/ anti-flouridation/ man-never-landed-on-the-moon approach to truth and reality.

Books at a Glance weekly recap

Books at a Glance – July 9, 2016

Hi, I’m Fred Zaspel, editor at Books at a Glance. We gave you two summaries this week from Francis Schaeffer, a blog post from Craig Blomberg talking about his useful book on the Gospels, and a review of Eugene Merrill’s new commentary. A great week!

The Bible: Studies by David Frampton

The Breastplate of Righteousness (Part One)

Union with Christ demands a godly way of life. In a time of growing rebellion against God, we must stand for righteous and holy conduct. However, the evil surrounding us must not lead us to misuse any text of Scripture. For reasons mentioned in previous blog posts, “righteousness” must be the imputed or credited righteousness of Christ. Anything else turns the armor of God into our armor, and offers little, if any, protection against spiritual attacks.

2 Corinthians with Andy Murray

Old and New – Part IV

Over the past three weeks we focused on how Paul unpacks the nature of the New Covenant in contrast to the Old. And now we will go back and take a look at how the Nature of the New Covenant shapes the nature of ministry and ministers in the New Covenant as Paul is making that connection in 3:4-6 and 3:12-16.

A. Ward Brandenstein

Facts One, Two and Three

All of the amazing facts occur at the moment that a person receives the Lord Jesus Christ as his or her Saviour! All of the facts are positional truths. Some may not be apparent as an evident experience at the moment of salvation. (What the believer is to do as a practical result of knowing who he is will be considered under the last section of walking in the Spirit.) This post: Facts One and Two