Galatians 3:6-9 Oct01

Galatians 3:6-9

How is the blessing of Abraham received? Is it being born into a Jewish family? Is it by being circumcised? Is it by obeying the commandments? No, through faith! We receive justification – the blessing promised to Abraham – through faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Those who are of faith are the sons of Abraham.

Christ in the Sabbath Sep30

Christ in the Sabbat...

The title of the book promises to see Christ foreshadowed in the Sabbath (and the purpose of the Sabbath realized in the person and work of Christ), and although this is the position Robinson takes, he actually gives relatively little attention to this rich biblical theme.

Contours of Ministry – Part Two Sep29

Contours of Ministry...

Will we not all be Pastors or Sunday school teachers or street corner evangelists, but take every opportunity to share the treasure you have. The content of Christian ministry is Christ. The goal of Christian ministry is to present everyone mature in Christ. The means of Christian ministry is speaking the word of Christ to one another.

Krummacher: Christ Before Herod Sep28

Krummacher: Christ B...

Herod regards our Lord, on his approach, with an inquisitive look, and after eyeing him from head to foot, presumes to put a number of foolish questions to him. Our Lord deigns him no answer, but observes complete silence. The king continues to question him, but the Savior is mute.

Repentance in Acts Sep27

Repentance in Acts

Repentance is a relational turn from darkness to light. Almost half of the time, it is connected with receiving the Holy Spirit – again a highly relational concept in terms of salvation, for the Spirit is the promised gift from God, who bonds believers to God by a relational union.

The Bible: The Covenant about God’s King Sep26

The Bible: The Coven...

God promised to build a house for David. Unlike Saul, David’s son would succeed him as king. There would be a Davidic dynasty. His immediate successor would build the temple. David’s throne would last forever. This is the great promise that the Messiah would come from David’s line. It finds its fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Part Two: Covenant Theology Tested Sep25

Part Two: Covenant T...

The need for salvation arose out of Adam’s fall. Through Adam, sin entered the world, and in Adam all the human race sinned and fell. In accordance with God’s own determination within the Godhead, at the right time Christ came into the world and earned salvation for all his elect.

Galatians 3:1-4:31 Sep24

Galatians 3:1-4:31

Point sinners away from themselves, as their resting place, to Jesus Christ who shed His blood in death on the cross as the only means of salvation for sinners. Sinners, such as God declares us to be, need the cross and the blood and the righteousness of the Son of God, if we are ever to be received and find favor with God.

Two Preachers in Anytown, USA Sep23

Two Preachers in Any...

It’s easy enough to fake that you’re on good terms with the Spirit, if that’s what you want. Just repeat after us as we recite the formulas! Pat a back or two; work one sacrificial act into your weekly lifestyle; count all the way to eleven before you open up to irritation.

Contours of Ministry Sep22

Contours of Ministry

Paul shows us that Christian ministry seeks to make the word of God fully known – bringing each part of the bible into right relation as every part bears witness to the fullness of God’s revelation – the hope of glory – once mysterious, now revealed – which is Christ in you.