Growth From God Oct20

Growth From God

All of God’s glorious provision, every spiritual blessing, is poured through Christ into you. Our growth comes from God as we walk through our days clinging to Christ, believing, understanding, and embracing the gospel message. I pray that you can see how powerful and perfect and precious is God’s glorious provision for you in Christ Jesus.

Krummacher: Barabbas Oct19

Krummacher: Barabbas

Believe the Gospel message, that for Christ’s sake, you are eternally liberated from curse and condemnation. Listen no longer to the accusations of Satan, the world, or your own consciences. Enjoy the fruit of the suretyship of your great representative. Live in peace, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

When I Am Afraid Oct18

When I Am Afraid

Repentance is a relational turn from darkness to light. Almost half of the time, it is connected with receiving the Holy Spirit – again a highly relational concept in terms of salvation, for the Spirit is the promised gift from God, who bonds believers to God by a relational union.

The Bible: God’s Wisdom Oct17

The Bible: God’s Wis...

The Proverbs were written within the context of the law (old covenant). It was a physical covenant to regulate the way of life of a physical people, and with it came physical promises that God would bless or curse them physically according to their obedience or disobedience (cf. Lev 26; Deut 28).

Part Five: Covenant Theology Tested Oct16

Part Five: Covenant ...

That covenant theology needs correction, modification, and explanation, even recasting, has been admitted by some Reformed teachers, John Murray for one. I would go further. Recasting? Rejecting, more like.

Galatians 3:10-14 Oct15

Galatians 3:10-14

There is no distinction of race in the church of Jesus Christ. It does not matter whether you are poor and a slave or rich enough to be free. It matters not whether you are male or female. There is no difference in your relationship to God.

Ephesians – Me...

We are pleased to present a series of messages in Ephesians by Dr Fred Zaspel. This series was presented to the saints at Reformed Baptist Church of Franconia, PA.

Walk by Faith Oct13

Walk by Faith

The governing principle of a Christian, the thing that moves you, the governing principle is not the external threat of the Divine whip. Rather, it is believing that God has done in Christ all that was necessary to rescue you from sin and death and is now and forever more for you and not against you in Christ.

Desiring God’s New LAB Project Oct12

Desiring God’s New LAB Project

Over at Desiring God they are making available a new and interesting online method of teaching God’s Word, the Bible. My favorite Bible teacher, Dr John Piper, leads these creative studies. The name of this new website feature is “Look at the Book” or “LAB”.

Krummacher: Jesus or Barabbas Oct12

Krummacher: Jesus or...

Before Barabbas was presented with Jesus to the people’s choice, every prospect of his escape from the fate that awaited him had been cut off: and such is also our case. There was no idea of a ransom, nor of any liberation from the well-guarded dungeon, much less of a merciful sentence, which every one else might have anticipated sooner than this murderer.