Contours of Ministry Sep22

Contours of Ministry

Paul shows us that Christian ministry seeks to make the word of God fully known – bringing each part of the bible into right relation as every part bears witness to the fullness of God’s revelation – the hope of glory – once mysterious, now revealed – which is Christ in you.

Krummacher: The Lamb of God Sep21

Krummacher: The Lamb...

Pilate having uttered his inmost conviction of the innocence of Jesus, the chief priests, not a little enraged at their defeats foam out fresh accusations against the Righteous One. “They are the more fierce,” says the narrative. They pour out a flood of rage and fury upon him, and now the saying of the prophet Isaiah was fulfilled: “He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet, like a lamb, he opened not his mouth.”

Righteous? Sep20


We will do well to reflect on God’s real “heart” and “soul” desire for us to have a love relationship with him that is sound. We aren’t meant to give our hearts away to the love of success, wealth, security, and the like—to self-love—but to be wholly devoted to Christ.

The Bible: The Need for God’s King Sep19

The Bible: The Need ...

The whole book of Judges demonstrates the need for a King who could deliver God’s people from their sins (cf. 17:6; 18:1; 19:1; 21:25). This book shows what happened when Israel lacked the God appointed king (David and his successors). Samuel and Kings will show that a King greater than David and his sons would have to come. His name is Jesus Christ.

Part One: Covenant Theology Tested Sep18

Part One: Covenant T...

Reformed covenant-theology and new-covenant theology are two very different ‘beasts’. Very different! In this article, I want to play the spotlight of Scripture on covenant theology, and show that it cannot stand that searching light. I need to show them the wrongness of that theology, thereby helping those under it to come into the liberty of the gospel under the law of Christ.

Galatians 2:11-21 Sep17

Galatians 2:11-21

If we insist upon building up again the wall that Christ has torn down, so that we can climb over it to enter the way, rather than through the narrow gate, then we are thieves and robbers who shout at the Crucified One to come down from the cross; for they think that their works make His death unnecessary.

Fake fruits sold here… Sep16

Fake fruits sold her...

It’s easy enough to fake that you’re on good terms with the Spirit, if that’s what you want. Just repeat after us as we recite the formulas! Pat a back or two; work one sacrificial act into your weekly lifestyle; count all the way to eleven before you open up to irritation.

Stable and Steadfast Sep15

Stable and Steadfast

The church is that group of redeemed sinners who have been gathered in from every tribe, tongue, people and nation – and they have been qualified to share in the inheritance of the saints, they have been delivered out of the domain of darkness, and transferred into the kingdom of Christ.

Krummacher: What Is Truth? Sep14

Krummacher: What Is ...

“He who is of the truth,” said our Lord at the conclusion of his reply, “hears my voice.” Pilate then said unto him, “What is truth?” Some have found in these words a gentle sneer; others the expression of a complete indifference to religion. But neither of these explanations fully accord with the man’s character.

Anticipating 2 out of 3 Sep13

Anticipating 2 out o...

Christianity certainly does offer hope for the future, but it also sees that eternal life as beginning right now. I wonder if some of us have settled for mere anticipation combined with certainty of our wonderful legal standing, but perhaps have missed something of the richness of knowing and loving a loving God today?