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Invitations from Cor Deo UK!

Cor Deo UK News Update

Ron Frost, Peter Mead, David Searight and Mike Chalmers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we really value you as a key part of Cor Deo ministry. Without your prayers and support Cor Deo would not exist. Thank you so much! If you want to know more ways that you can support Cor Deo and the Mentors, we’d love to talk with you. 

Here are a few invitations for you…

Invitation One: September Intensive There are still some places available for our September Intensive, ‘Relational Faith.’ This will be Monday September 28th – Friday October 2nd. If you haven’t been to an Intensive before, or it’s been a while, why not come along? Email us to let us know or to ask questions.

Invitation Two: January ‘Level 2’ Intensive We’ve just confirmed the dates for a new year Intensive treat – a ‘level 2’ week in Chippenham. This is for anyone who has been to a past Intensive. It will be Monday 11th January – Friday January 15th 2016. Keep an eye on the website or email us for information.

Invitation Three: February Women’s Program This is very exciting! Cor Deo’s first ever program solely for women will take place in the month of February 2016. This will include input from the mentors, but also discussion and content in a women-only environment. It will be 3 days per week for four weeks. This may be ideal for you or someone you know, so please email us and encourage others to get in touch and find out more. We expect places to fill fast!

Invitation Four: ‘Foundations’ Peter’s newest book is just about ready to be released into the wild, and it’s going to be great! ‘Foundations: Four Big Questions we Should be Asking but Typically Don’t’ is an excellent book for Christians, new and old, as well as for people investigating what Christianity is all about. Buy it here and find more info here and on twitter.

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