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BAAG 2017: Feb 18, ’17


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This week we several new reviews and summaries for you.

Book Summary:

A Brief Book Summary from Books At a Glance About the Author Tim Keller is a pastor, speaker, and author. He has written numerous books and is a very influential leader in evangelicalism.   Introduction Making Sense of God…

Author Interview:

What do you know about the Minor Prophets? Have you read them more than once? What are they all about? Hi, I’m Fred Zaspel, executive editor here at Books At a Glance, and we’re talking today to Drs. Alan Fuhr…

Book Reviews:

Reviewed by Ben Rogers   Introduction In less than a year, Protestants will celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of the nailing of Luther’s The Ninety Five Theses to the Wittenburg church door and the birth of the Reformation. A number…
Reviewed by Greg Cochran   David Dockery, President of Trinity International University, describes C. Ivan Spencer’s new book as a brilliant and creative introduction to the profound thinking of Friedrich Nietzsche. In The Tweetable Nietzsche, Ivan Spencer tackles one of…

Our Blog:

Some important new books are hitting the shelves, and Books At a Glance has been busy recording Author Interviews. This is just a heads up – here are some authors you can expect to hear in the coming days and…
Daily Devotionals can be a wonderful aid in pursuing God. Not all devotionals are created equal, however, so here are some that have caught my eye and seem most promising. Of course Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening (available also…
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