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BAAG 2017: Jan 29


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Book Summary:
A Bonus Chapter Summary from Books At a Glance. Overview: Packer’s famous essay on penal substitution deserves continued and close attention. We provide a brief “bonus” summary of it here for our members. Summary: From the outset of…
A Brief Study Guide from Books At a Glance. About the Author: Known as the “theologian’s theologian,” John Owen (1616–1683) was vice chancellor of Oxford University and served as advisor and chaplain to Oliver Cromwell. Among the most learned and…
Author Interview:
If adoption is, as J.I. Packer says, “the highest privilege that the gospel offers,” then why don’t we hear more about it? Hi, I’m Fred Zaspel, executive editor here a Books At a Glance, and today we’ll be talking…
Book Review:
Reviewed by Micah McCormick. As a church staff member who directs the youth program in my church, I have something of a love-hate relationship with literature on youth and the church. On the one hand, I love the youth in…
Reviewed by Evan Burns. Missiologists have produced many great works analyzing cultural/linguistic phenomena, demographic statistics, and effective methods of cultural engagement. Yet missionary-theologians are a rare find today; and a useful manual produced for practitioners by a missionary-theologian is…
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