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Books at a Glance – Feb 14, 2016


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This week we summarized for you an award winning book from DA Carson that argues for Christ as the only means of salvation in a pluralistic world. The rest of the content is fantastic too, and just for you. Check it out….

Book Summary:

The Gagging of God: Christianity Confronts Pluralism  Part 1 D.A. Carson Zondervan, 1996 640 pages  (Hardcover)  (Kindle)

A Brief Book Summary from Books At a Glance   Introduction Don Carson&r […] Continue Reading



Book Reviews:

In his new book, respected Luther scholar Robert Kolb explores the famous reformer’s use of biblical narrative and in the process sheds new light on both Luther studies and modern narrative theology. Kolb focuses on Luther’s practice of using biblical stories as models for Christian living in both his sermons to layman and l […] Continue Reading



Andrew Streett’s published dissertation argues for the important influence of Psalm 80 in the Old Testament’s development of the connection between the vine and the son of man. This very technical book from an evangelical engages wider scholarship on its own terms. Streett’s study is comprised of eight chapters: the […] Continue Reading



Author Interview:

Chris Morgan (dean and professor of theology at California Baptist University) and Robert Peterson (professor of systematic theology at Covenant Theological Seminary) have produced a half dozen or more titles in Crossway’s Theology in Community series. In The Glory of God they have brought together a team […] Continue Reading


Our Blog:

The question of authority is ever the ultimate question.  Yet authority is precisely what our generation despises, and in such an atmosphere the claims of Scripture inevitably fall on bad times. But Scripture claims divine authority nonetheless, and as the very word of God himself it claims to be without error. […] Continue Reading


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