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Books at a Glance: Sept 17, 2016


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Read about revival in the Reformed tradition, the story of monasticism, the latest Trinity posts, and you can even ask Dr. David Peterson a question this week about sanctification and related issues. Enjoy a rich week of resources.

Author Interview:

Interview with Michael A. G. Haykin, co-author with Robert Davis Smart and Ian Hugh Clary of PENTECOSTAL OUTPOURINGS: REVIVAL AND THE REFORMED TRADITION
It’s not that we’re unappreciative of the “ordinary” workings of God among his people – we are! But those periods of extraordinary movings of God are exciting and a fascinating area of study that always leaves us marveling at the…

Book Review:

Reviewed by J. Stephen Yuille Greg Peters is an Anglican minister and a historian of Christian spirituality at Biola University. In The Story of Monasticism, he traces the monastic movement through four time periods: Anthony to Benedict, Benedict to Bernard,…

Our Blog:

Ask Dr. David Peterson a Question about Sanctification, Regeneration, and Renewal
Would you like to ask Dr. David Peterson a question? In a recent post, Dr. David Peterson, author of Possessed by God, summarizes for us the nature of New Testament Sanctification and clarifies its relation to the language of regeneration and renewal.…

Eleventh Updated Edition of the Trinity Debate Bibliography
The 2016 Trinity Debate: A Bibliography Is it Okay to Teach a Complementarianism Based on Eternal Subordination? Compiled by Jack Jeffery A bibliography of articles and posts in the current debate (began 3 JUN 2016)[1] concerning the eternal subordination of God…

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