Books at a Glance

Two days ago I received an email from respected pastor, author, and CMC contributor, Fred Zaspel. He encourages his recipients to share the following:

“I’m writing to let you know about Books At a Glance, a new online service that my son Jim and I have just launched. If you would, please check us out and give me your feedback. You can see us at
As the name implies, the purpose of this service is to keep Christian readers quickly informed and up to date regarding Christian books of significance and interest that have been newly released. “So many books – So little time”? This is the frustration Books At a Glance is designed to address and relieve.
We feature book summaries, book reviews, book notices, author interviews, author blogs, and other such book & author – related material, all to keep you informed and up to date, and, in turn, to assist you in making more informed book purchases.
I mentioned book summaries. These are the heart of our endeavor. Our well-qualified staff is continually at work, carefully reading and analyzing new books of significance and of interest to you. Then each week we provide you with a complete digest of an book’s leading points and lines of argument. These chapter-by-chapter summaries, available to members only, usually total about 7 to 10 pages and will enable you to see an entire book “at a glance” — and from here you can both stay informed and decide what books merit your further attention and purchase.
Right now we are offering your first 30 days free, with no obligation to continue, so sign up and give us a try! We’re excited about our new work, and we think you will be too.”

What a fantastic idea! Check out the website. I commend it to you.
For You Because of Him,
Todd Braye, Co-Editor