Speaking the Truth in Love

How are we to grow as Christians and as churches? The Bible describes us as a body, and in order for us to grow, we need to hold fast to the Head and also joined to one another. And one of the primary joints that will hold us together is speaking the truth in love to one another.

I Can’t Live Without Christ

Have you experienced the irresistible attraction of the Redeemer? Have you experienced that? Is He so lovely to you and so precious to you that you can’t live without Him? This thing of saying “for me to live is Christ,” that’s not some super-Christian. If you’re a Christian and you have the thought I’ve got to go without Him; I’ve got to go on and press on forever without Him – see, it’s more than just I’m going to be in hell. It’s the idea that I’m going to be without Christ. Every Christian can say that: for me to live is Christ. I don’t have any reason to live if I don’t have Him. That’s a person that has experienced the irresistible attraction. They’re drawn. They will come. Every one of them will come to Christ because they can’t keep from it. That’s what it is to be drawn. Philippians 3:3, “We are the true circumcision…” You remember the second one? “They glory in Christ Jesus.” A true Christian can feel so weak. They can question whether they’re even a Christian or not, but you start talking to them about Jesus and the glories of Jesus and they glory in Christ Jesus. They love Him! They want to hear about Him.

No Longer Children

Christ wants us to grow up into His stature; to grow in the faith and in the knowledge of Him. In order to do this, we must not remain as unstable children who don’t know what we believe. How fearful it is to think that a person can properly articulate good theology and quote well-known authors, and still be a child spiritually.

Saved or Uncertain: The Security of the Believer

Many people are in distress of soul wondering if they’re a Christian or not. They appear to have been saved but then are plagued with severe doubts and fears about whether they were truly converted. But for some of these people, the problem may very well be that their foundation, in the beginning, was not Jesus Christ, but something else.

Christian, You Are in the Ministry

Christ gave gifts for the specific purpose of equipping Christians for ministry to build up the church. This means that every single Christian has a vital role to play in their church. This also means that “ministry” is not at all limited to the pastors in the church, but rather the role of the pastors is to equip the members in the church for ministry. What does this “equipping for ministry” mean, and how does it happen?

Ephesians 4:11 – And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, 12 to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ,…

Christ’s Gifts to Men

We’re called to unity, but not uniformity. We must be unified in the foundations of Christianity, but we must not think that all of us must be exactly the same. Christ gave us unity, but He’s also given us diversity within that unity. The more diverse and varied our churches are, the healthier they will be.

Attempt to Heal Every Broken Relationship

If you know of any relationship that is not currently right, you are to endeavor yourself to mend it. You are. You’re the one that’s supposed to fix it. If we won’t, if I know that something’s wrong in a relationship and I’m like a horse or a mule that Psalm 32 says don’t be that way – don’t be stubborn and refuse – if I know something’s wrong and I won’t fix it, then I should stop expecting God to speak to me; I should stop reading books; I should stop talking about missions; I should stop all the talk and first get things right before I pursue anymore. If God’s shown me something and I don’t walk in the light of it – I don’t obey what He’s shown me – why should He say anymore to me? Why if He puts a finger on me about a relationship and I know it’s got to be right – I know for sure if John Dees and I – which we’ve never had any of this – but if we had a dilemma in our relationship and we both knew something wasn’t right between us – I had hurt him, I had sinned against him, or the other way around, and we both knew we were going to see each other today for the first time, I promise you, he would be coming to me, I’d be coming to him and we would get it right before we started singing, wouldn’t we? How easy it is to come into church and a relationship not be right and then we want to sing the songs of God. If you come to worship and you come to bring your gift to the altar and there remember that your brother has ought against you, stop your singing, stop your worship. Go get it right and then come and offer your gift. How about it? Is every relationship right? You ought not to go to bed tonight without making sure of it because your bones might start rotting and your strength might start drying up like the heat of the summer. If you keep silent about it – it seems like we heard that not long ago. You see, what happens is – here’s what we do. There’s a problem in a relationship and we begin to rationalize and justify and make mental excuses. “Well, it will take care of itself.” No, it won’t. “Well, it will create more problems than it will solve if I go to him.” No, it won’t. “Well, it’s just going to have to be that way.” No, it doesn’t. “Well, there’s been too much time passed.” No, there hasn’t. “Well, there’s too many differences between us.” No, there are not. Maybe I’ve left out your excuse, but still the answer is it is always right, always right, to make things right. It is always wrong to leave a relationship damaged somehow. And the reason some true Christians won’t get relationships right – I think there’s three major reasons. Number one, it’s too scary. It’s scary to go to someone and say, brother, I think there’s been something between us. It isn’t right. I’m sorry. I don’t want that to be that way. It’s scary to do that, isn’t it? It is. It’s fearful. It’s way outside some people’s comfort zones to do that. It scares people to initiate making things right. Secondly, it’s too painful to go and to say, listen, we’ve not been right in our relationship. It’s too painful for some people. Thirdly, some people are just too proud. They want to leave it on the other person. The other person may not even know there’s a problem. And you’ve wronged them, and you feel like you’ve sinned against them, or you feel legitimately that they did wrong you, but you’re too proud to go. Too scared, too painful, too proud. And so you leave it undone. Listen, things undealt with will only do damage down the road.

There is No Limit to Where Sin Will Take You

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Don’t be deceived into thinking you can control sin. Sin has a terrible hardening effect that will take you farther than you would have imagined; there is no limit to where sin will take you.

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One Baptism

If there’s ever been a topic in Christianity that has seemed to cause massive disunity, it’s baptism. And yet when Paul is declaring foundational doctrines of our Christian unity, one of the things he includes is “one baptism”. What is baptism? In addition, Scripture talks about multiples forms of baptism (water, fire, etc.), so what is the “one” baptism referring to?

Everyone and No One

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It is an absolute certainty that anytime the Father chooses to give someone to the Son, that person will come; and those to whom the Father gives, Christ will in no way cast out.

Secret Sins

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If we want to have joy in our walk with God, if we want sweet fellowship with other Christians, if we want to be useful and effective in our service to the Lord, it’s of great importance that we are not holding on to secret sins.

Giving to Building Fund or Missions?

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Is it nonspiritual to give money towards a highly expensive building project in your church? What if the church is wanting to spend a lot of money on their building, but doesn’t spend much, if any, money on missions?