Review: A New Day Is Coming

A New Day Is Coming
by The Paul Paoli Band
I just love the Paul Paoli Band! Paul is good brother and a Doctrines of Grace man through and through. This is the band’s third CD release. They are one of New York’s most popular, sought after performance bands on the contemporary Christian music scene today. Their latest album is a Tour de Force of musicianship, extended solos, and soaring music that will thrill listeners! Genre: Rock: Southern Rock salted with Gospel centered lyrics. This CD is not for the old and cranky Calvinists among us. I’m in my 60’s and not too cranky. ~ Moe
A New Day Is Coming
Peace in the Storm
I Ain’t Turning Back
My Savior
TV Preacher Blues
Prelude (Joy in the Morning)
Joy in the Morning
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Run from Sin
Lost Sheep
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This CD was produced by veteran music producer Paul Umbach and recorded at his studio “The Maze” (Franklin, TN), and mastered by the legendary Joe Palmaccio at “The Place for Mastering” (Nashville, TN). This album is reminiscent of some of the great Southern Rock albums of the 1970s, and is sure to delight listeners who appreciate great musicianship, original music, and diversity in style. From Southern Rock, Memphis Blues, Country, Blue Grass and even Pop Rock this album plays for nearly one hour, and features extended solos. If you like the album, you’ll love seeing this band perform live! Paul Paoli’s fiddle work is nothing short of stunning, amazing and jaw dropping, he is one of the best, if not ‘the best’ fiddle player on the music scene today, and his style blends the quality of legendary Southern Rockers Charlie Daniels and Dickey Betts to perfection, this band must be seen LIVE to be fully appreciated and understood, they have a loyal and devoted following of fans who thrill to see them write and perform!

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Review: Courtesy Edwin Trefger

Kingdom Through Covenant
Kingdom Through Covenant
Justin Tay­lor of Cross­way recently had an inter­view on The Gospel Coali­tion web­site with Dr. Stephen J. Wellum of South­ern Bap­tist The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary on cre­dobap­tism. I agree with the way that Dr. Wellum lays out the case, and he does it very well: suc­cinctly and completely.
After explain­ing that pae­dobap­tist Reformed the­ol­ogy “flat­tens out” the covenants and wrongly — and per­haps sim­plis­ti­cally — equates Old Covenant Israel with the New Covenant church, Tay­lor asks, “What does that have to do with baptism?” Wellum responds:

Every­thing. Under the old covenant, one could make a dis­tinc­tion between the phys­i­cal and spir­i­tual seed of Abra­ham (the locus of the covenant com­mu­nity is dif­fer­ent from the locus of the elect). Under the old covenant, both “seeds” (phys­i­cal and spir­i­tual) received the covenant sign of cir­cum­ci­sion and both were viewed as full covenant mem­bers in the national sense, even though it was only the rem­nant who were the true spir­i­tual seed of Abra­ham. But this kind of dis­tinc­tion is not legit­i­mate under the new covenant where the locus of the covenant com­mu­nity and the elect are the same. In other words, one can­not speak of a “rem­nant” in the new covenant com­mu­nity, like one could under the old covenant. All those who are “in Christ” are a regen­er­ate peo­ple, and as such it is only they who may receive the sign of the covenant, namely baptism.

You can read the com­plete inter­view at The Gospel Coali­tion web­site: Why I am a Cre­dobap­tist.
Wellum and co-author Peter J. Gen­try have a book com­ing out next June (cover shown above) which could be a ground­break­ing ref­er­ence: King­dom through Covenant: A Biblical-Theological Under­stand­ing of the Covenants. [Linked: This Mystery]