Give God No Rest

God makes amazing and incredible promises to us in His Word. But do the promises of God towards His people resemble our present condition? And if they don’t, does that cause us to give God no rest until He causes our circumstances to match what He has promised to us?

Should I Only Marry a Virgin?

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Is it an unreasonable standard to want to marry someone only if they are a virgin? Should their immoral past be more important than their present godliness?

David’s Great Sin

David conquered the giant Goliath but fell to a bigger giant, that of fleshly lusts. When you look at his life as a whole, you just cannot believe that this great sin happened to him. He went from having such a sensitive conscience, when his heart struck him for cutting Saul’s robe, to being so hardened that he sent Uriah to the front lines to die in order to try to cover up his sin of adultery.

2 Samuel 11:1 – Then it happened…

Sanctification is Not Passive

One of the greatest hindrances to sanctification is when we view it as though it is passive. We are not told to be passive in dealing with sin, but rather we are called to actively put it off. We can not make excuses (and even excuses that sound spiritual) and become passive in putting off the old man with its practices.

The excerpt is taken from the full sermon, “What is the Old Man?

Experiential Christianity

Christianity is not just all about head knowledge and getting the facts right. We need the experiential reality of that knowledge to be vibrant in our own souls. We need the power and reality of the Holy Spirit pouring the love of God in our hearts continually. This is every believer’s right and privilege. Don’t try to live as a Christian without this.

What is the “Old Man”?

What does the Bible mean when it talks about the “old man”? Do we still have the old man? Is the old man completely gone? Is there a tension or balance between the two? Whatever the old man is, one thing we know for sure is that we need to put him off.

The LORD Regretted That He Had Made Man?

The Bible plainly says that God is sovereign over all things. But if this is so, then how are we to understand the Bible verses that say that God was grieved or sorry that He did something?

Genesis 6:6 – And the LORD regretted that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart.

Two Obstacles: Angry Men and Immodest Women

Two great obstacles to the completion of the mission of the church are angry men and immodest women. In this sermon, Ryan Fullerton deals with 1 Timothy 2:8-10 to show how angry men who do not pray and women who dress immodestly can affect our effectiveness in advancing the Gospel.

This sermon was preached at Boyce College and is embedded from their YouTube Channel.

Learning Christ

Being a Christian is not just learning facts about Christ, but rather it is actually learning Christ personally. This is what causes us to live radically different from how we lived formerly. A person can hear about Christ without actually learning Him. Have you learned Christ?

Crushing Idols and Communing With God

Are willing to eliminate things in our lives that are displeasing to God? Are we willing to be rid of idols in our lives that are not only displeasing to God but are also greatly hurtful to us because they hinder sweet communion that we would have with God?

The Seed of the Woman & The Serpent

A major theme in the Bible is the battle between Christ and the Devil. We see this promised from the very beginning in Genesis 3. Because of the Fall, everyone is born as a child of the devil with his seed in them. And our only hope is the seed of the woman (Christ) bruising his head and setting us free.

The Truth is Never Arrogant

The truth is never arrogant but the truth is a matter of fact. Now in the delivery of the truth, the messenger can be proud, unloving and arrogant. It is true that our actions will either substantiate the message or undermine it. To proclaim an exclusive Gospel is not the proclamation of a proud man, but the proclamation of a man whom God has humbled and rescued by Jesus Christ.

View the full sermon, “The Exclusivity of Christianity“.

The Exclusivity of Christianity

Christianity is the exclusive faith that can save us and bring us to heaven. There’s only one God and one Savior and the Bible is dogmatically clear on this. No matter what the world and our culture want to accuse us of, we can’t compromise on the exclusivity of the Gospel.

Preached at the 2019 Fellowship Conference New England.