The Miracle of Creation

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. God made this universe so vast and so intricate to show us how powerful He is. He also showed us His power in creation so that we can have an idea of His power in redemption; power that each of us need to get free from the cruel bondage of sin that we’ve been born into.

Better to Marry Than to Burn With Passion?

What does the Bible mean when it says that it is better to marry than to burn? Does mean that marriage is the cure for sexual impurity?

1 Corinthians 7:9 – But if they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion.

Heaven is Where Christ Is

The Bible often describes heaven not as “heaven,” but as where Christ is. When you think of heaven, do you think of being with Christ? “If I were to go to heaven, and find that Christ was not there, I would leave immediately; for heaven without Christ would be hell to me.” – Thomas Goodwin

The excerpt is taken from the full sermon, “Suffering and the Eternal Weight of Glory“.

2019 Fellowship Conference New England

The saints at Redeeming Grace Fellowship in Portland, Maine are organizing another conference this year. The Fellowship Conference New England will be held on August 1-3, 2019. “Each year there is Biblical preaching and teaching, along with quality times of purposeful, relaxing fellowship in the afternoons. It is a marvelous time to be fed God’s Word and strengthened with other true Christians in fellowship through the bonds of Jesus Christ.” For more information and registration info go here.

This year’s speakers are Mack Tomlinson, Anthony Mathenia, Lee Dodd, and Nate Pickowicz.

Preachers for 2019 Fellowship Conference

Preachers for 2019 Fellowship Conference

The following is the trailer from a few years ago:
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Genesis Under Attack: Devilish Dogmatic Assertions

We are living in a day where brilliant men with incredible intellects and stunning credentials are making dogmatic assertions that the creation account in the Bible is nothing but a myth. The irony is that these men are doing the very thing that the devil did in that creation account: questioning, denying, and casting aside the Word of God.

You Can Learn to Be Content

We must learn, as Paul did, to be content. Being discontent is a sin and is believing the lie that God made a mistake in our life. But if we get to the root of our discontentment, we have to admit that it’s our refusal to submit to God’s will. Have you surrendered your will and learned to be content?

Excerpt is taken from the full sermon, “The Secret Things and the Revealed Things“.

Jesus Christ Has Authority Over Death

The great hope of every Christian is that the grave will not be the end for them when they die. Jesus Christ will one day raise them up to everlasting life. Jesus has authority over death, and He proved this during His earthly life as He raised the dead back to life.

Mind Battles: Victory Over Wrong Thoughts

There are many wars that have taken place and are taking place in this world. But one of the greatest wars constantly taking place is in the mind of Christians. Evil and wicked thoughts can bombard our minds incessantly and greatly grieve us. What are some things that can help us in this hellish warfare?

The Secret Things and the Revealed Things

We’ve been given a Book that contains the revelation of God and who He is. Because this Book is given to us, we should expect to be able to understand most parts of it. But because this Book is about the eternal God, we should also expect that there will be some parts that exceed our human limitations of understanding. The secret things belong to God, but the revealed things belong to us.

Deuteronomy 29:29 – The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.

Our Suffering is Over at Death

The moment a Christian dies, all of their sufferings will be forgotten. All their sufferings will be swallowed up by eternal glory.

Excerpt taken from the full sermon, “Suffering and the Eternal Weight of Glory“.

Every now and then, it’s very seldom that it’s ever happened, but every great once in a while, just bam! It hits you: I’m going to die. It’s going to happen very, very quickly. We’re rapidly approaching. If you’re not a Christian here tonight, the time is going to be there before you know it. You know how sometimes like as a student I remember I’d study for a test. You’ve got that big test coming up you know in two months – it’s far away, but you’re studying maybe. And it gets a little closer. All of a sudden there you are. The hour has come. And you know, like I said, I can only believe it every once in a while. You know what I’m talking about right here. Every now and then a little glimpse: I’m going to die. I’m going to be there. You’re going to be there. And if you’re not right with God you’re in a desperate situation. And if you are right with God, what in the world are you so worried about this thing you’re going through right now? It’s temporary. It’s just nothing. It’s light compared to this glory that’s coming. Difficulties are temporary. Trials are temporary. Setbacks are temporary. Sufferings are temporary. Soon, very soon, whatever I’m facing right now – you may be weary. You may be weary in the battle. It’s going to be over so fast. Soon shall the cup of glory wash down earth’s bitterest woes. I don’t think we had that verse in “The Sands of Time.” Soon shall the cup of glory wash down our bitterest woes. Soon shall the desert brier break into Eden’s rose. Soon. Wash down earth’s bitterest woes. People that are being tortured – some people are being tortured to death. The instant they wake up, it’s all washed down. Everything’s forgotten. Washed away in a moment. There’s a card that we’ve shared a lot with people who have lost a loved one. It’s entitled, “Absent From the Body, Present with the Lord.” It goes like this: “Oh think… Oh think, to step on shore and that shore Heaven, to take hold of a hand, and that God’s hand. To breathe a new air.” You know, you just breathe it in. You find it celestial air. “To feel invigorated and know it immortality. Oh think, to pass from a storm and a tempest into one unbroken calm. To wake up and find it glory. Oh think…” To step on a shore. All that will happen in a moment. The tempest of life will be gone and they’ll seem like nothing. To step on a shore and that shore Heaven. Well, what’s the shore of Heaven going to be like? Well, it’s one unbroken calm. Celestial air. Feeling invigorated. I can almost imagine that, you know. Instantly, you’re alive and you’re invigorated.