Dean Bertch – June 20, 2016


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Hi Everyone.

One of our missionaries and a good friend, A.J. Gibson, sent out a prayer request a few minutes ago.  AJ and his family serve in Oaxaca, Mexico.  I wanted to pass along some of the information because I’m confident that many of you are folks who will pray.

First, Ruth, his wife, had been diagnosed with Hepatitis.  Here is what he wrote:

First, thank you for your prayers for Ruth. She is feeling much better. She’s able to eat normally and has regained much of her strength back. She was well taken care of during my absence by our friends and church family here. Please continue to pray for her. She’ll need to take it easy the next few weeks as her body continues to fight the Hep A virus.

Second, last week, AJ and Weston Root (a new missionary joining the Gibsons in Oaxaca City) had to drive from South Texas to Oaxaca.  Here is AJ’s summary of the trip:

Also, thank you for your prayers for my trip to Texas. Weston and I made it home to Oaxaca yesterday morning, although not without some difficulty. Due to the ongoing conflict between the Oaxacan teacher union and authorities, the state has been on lock-down for the past week. The teachers have blockaded all highways into the state. Thankfully, we were able to get through early yesterday morning by following a public transportation van on back roads through the mountains. God was very gracious. Shortly after we passed through one town, violence erupted there between teachers and federal police, resulting in multiple casualties and injuries. This particular conflict set off a chain of events that reverberated throughout the state, especially in Oaxaca City (where we live). Needless to say, Weston and I were very relieved to be back with our families. Thank you for your prayers.

Third, and my primary reason for this email is his prayer request:

Please pray for the situation here in Oaxaca. The blockades have resulted in shortages both here in the city as well as throughout the state. Many areas of the state are now without gasoline, food, and other supplies. But even worse than the shortages is the violence. Yesterday’s events seem to signal a turn for the worse. Violence breeds more violence, and the situation seems to only be escalating.

At this point we don’t know where all of this will lead. We’ll keep you posted in the coming days and weeks. We live on the outskirts of the city and are currently in no personal danger. We’re accustomed to avoiding public places during times of unrest in the city, so we’ll just have to be extra cautious until things quiet down. God is still God, we are still his children, and Jesus is still on the throne! All is well! Thank you for your prayers.

I communicated with AJ and asked his permission to share this information with you.  As you might imagine, he was eager for me to do so, in order that more people can be praying for them.

Thank you for your faithfulness.  I appreciate each and every one of you.

May grace and peace be with you.

~ Dean


My support has risen to approximately 70% of the needed amount.  Please pray for additional partners.  My budget was based upon making six to nine international teaching trips during 2016.  As of the end of May, I will have made six.  I’m thinking I might exceed the estimate.  While I am thrilled for these opportunities, the financial cost of ministry increases with each trip.  Please let me know if you know of people with whom I can share the vision of this ministry.

A Commitment to Good Communication – Your role as a partner in this ministry demands that I keep you regularly informed about what the Lord is doing so that you can better pray for and rejoice with us.

A Commitment to Good Stewardship – Your financial commitment is significant, both for you and for those to whom we are ministering. I promise to steward your resources well and to give myself wholeheartedly to the work of the gospel through Reaching & Teaching.

A Commitment to YOU – You can count on my commitment to you as a valued partner in the work of the gospel. I am eager to hear from you – your personal prayer requests – so that we can move forward together in the service of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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