Dean Bertch – October 2015 Update

Traveling to teach pastors and church leaders is always a privilege

 Your Partnership Opportunity

It is a special privilege to return to the same location more than one time. During the week of September 19-26, I was able to return to Otavalo, Ecuador, for the second of nine training modules.

The training was again held at Iglesia Bautista Canaan in Otavalo. Each day was broken up into two training sessions, each with different students.Our morning sessions included a number of pastors from Otavalo and surrounding communities While there were a couple local pastors in the evening sessions, the majority of attendees were from Iglesia Bautista Canaan.

On this trip, I was privileged to have Pastor Ed Roman (Carlisle Baptist Church, Carlisle, PA) along to teach on the spiritual discipline of prayer. Also, John Raudenbush (Oakwood Baptist) and I co-taught a survey of the New Testament.John carefully walked the students through Paul’s letters; I had the privilege of teaching the other books and letters of the New Testament.

The morning sessions in particular generated a number of thought-provoking questions. We were extremely encouraged by the level of attentiveness and engagement of the students.Conversations with the students before and after the sessions as well as on breaks gave evidence as to how helpful the training is for them.

On the last day, our missionary, Cody Whittaker, put a list of suggested resources (available in Spanish) on the white board. The hunger for more teaching was demonstrated as so many of the students wrote down the names of books and asked specific questions about the resources. As a side note, I had spent some time on the Internet, trying to find prices for the books. I was extremely encouraged to see that a number of excellent resources are available in Spanish as a free pdf download.


Well, telling you about support-raising is not as exciting as reporting on an international teaching trip. However, it is a necessary part of the ministry.

My position with Reaching & Teaching is a full-time undertaking. My roles are basically fourfold:

Leading international trips
Developing church partnerships
Promoting the ministry of Reaching & Teaching
Providing pastoral care for field missionaries
In order to fulfill these roles, I need to devote full-time effort. Therefore, raising support for both ministry and living expenses is essential. (All Reaching & Teaching staff members must raise their own support; no one receives a salary from the ministry)

During the last month, I have had the opportunity to speak in a number of Churches:

Mt. Wolf Community Church (Pastor John Worrall) in Mt. Wolf, PA.
Devereux Baptist Church (Pastor Frank Mullis) in Sparta, Georgia.
First Baptist Church (Pastor Larry Scouten) in Wellsburg, New York.
In addition, I’ve had a number of good individual meetings.

While support-raising is a challenge, It is a joy to tell of the ministry to which God has called me. Training those with little or no access is one of the greatest needs in missions today.


Two trips worthy of note are planned for November.

On November 11, Kathy and I will be heading to Otavalo, Ecuador. To be honest, part of the trip is an early celebration of our 30th anniversary (December 28). In addition, we will be able to spend some time with missionary Cody Whitaker and his wife Maria. One item on the agenda is to work on plans for the January trip. The three of us who are going will be taking out wives. They will spend the week ministerting to the ladies of the churches in and around Otavalo.

On November 22, I will be preaching at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Swartz Creek, Michigan. The pastor, Jerry Locher, is a good friend, and we are thankful for the opportunity to visit and connect with a number of friends at the church. We also hope to schedule a number of meeting in Ohio and Michigan as we make the drive to Swartz Creek.


Ministry opportunities continue to open for Reaching & Teaching International Ministries. Just last week, I was copied on an email concerning a desire to see three new training sites in Peru. We will be starting to provide training at a new site in Panama in January. We have a couple locations in Northern Brazil we hoping to begin in 2016. New training will start in the city of Quito. We are also scheduling a vision trip to begin training among a group in the jungle of Ecuador.


We have reached and surpassed 50% of our support-raising goal. As I mentioned earlier, we have had opportunities to share the vision and ministry with a number of churches and individuals. We are still trying to fill our fall and winter schedule with more appointments. Would you please prayerfully consider joining our support team? I would be eager for the opportunity to share the details of the ministry with you and your church

To partner by mail (make checks payable to “Reaching & Teaching Int’l Ministries):

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Would you prayerfully consider partnering financially in the work of pastoral training with Reaching & Teaching? All Reaching & Teaching missionaries and staff raise support to meet financial needs. Regular financial support provides the fuel that enables the ministry to occur. Together, we can give, pray, and work to help pastors across the globe more faithfully and skillfully proclaim the gospel and shepherd the church. I’m thrilled to help advance the gospel in this way! I hope you’ll join me.

My Commitments to You

In our partnership, I will make the following commitments to you:

  • A Commitment to Good Communication – Your role as a partner in this ministry demands that I keep you regularly informed about what the Lord is doing so that you can better pray for and rejoice with us.
  • A Commitment to Good Stewardship – Your financial commitment is significant, both for you and for those to whom we are ministering. I promise to steward your resources well and to give myself wholeheartedly to the work of the gospel through Reaching & Teaching.
  • A Commitment to YOU – You can count on my commitment to you as a valued partner in the work of the gospel. I am eager to hear from you – your personal prayer requests – so that we can move forward together in the service of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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