Free Audio: Justification and Regeneration


Justification & Regeneration (Audiobook)

by Charles Leiter
pastor-teacher charles leiterThe aim of this work is clear: “This book attempts to set forth in clear Biblical light the nature and characteristics of justification and regeneration, that God may be glorified and His children brought to know more fully the liberty that is theirs in Christ.” To achieve this end, pastor Leiter first sets forth man’s greatest problem, sin. Specifically, man has a “bad record” because he has sinned, but also a “bad heart” because he is by nature a sinner and can do nothing but sin. But the glorious news of the gospel is that Christ has dealt with both our bad record and our bad heart. The bad record has been taken away because Christ died for our sins, and on that basis God has “justified” us, which means He has declared us righteous. As for the bad heart, this is destroyed when God “regenerates” us; God changes our hearts so that we begin to forsake sin and pursue true righteousness. – Granted Ministries
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