Is it wrong to Celebrate Christmas?

Many things about Christmas have pagan origins. Does this mean that by participating we are opening ourselves to the occult? What about Christmas trees, yule logs, lights, mistletoe and even the date of December 25?

When we look deeper, huge parts of our culture have pagan origins, from the names of the days of the week, the months, common personal names and place names.

One pagan website points out that

  • a bowl of cereal is named after Ceres, the god of agriculture
  • Insomnia comes from Somnus the god of sleep
  • Nike is the Greek goddess of Victory
  • Cars are named Saturn, Taurus etc.
  • (But note that this site is wrong about Easter)

Many people celebrate Halloween, which has much more obvious pagan origins, and some music and new-age practices have explicit connections.

I am going to suggest we can divide these cultural elements into three categories:

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