Just back from ETS

My wonderful wife and I just got back from this year’s annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, and what a blessing the sessions we were able to attend this year were. Some highlights were:

David Lane Craig responding to a new book attacking penal substitutionary atonement. He dismantled it handily – reasserting the orthodox Reformed position.

Douglas Groothuis on What Philosophers wish Theologians knew. With his classic wry humor and a slight by-path on discussing the current trial of his brilliant wife’s struggle with dementia. His book on that is due out this Monday – “Walking Through Twilight.” An absolute must read.

A wonderful festschrift for Vern Poythress that even brought Wayne Grudem to tears as he recounted Poythress’s influence on his own life.

David Allen’s wonderful paper on Calvin’s view of the Atonement.

Not to mention D. A. Carson, Thom Schreiner, Al Mohler, Andy Naselli, Sam Storms, Greg Beale, and a host of others. Too many to attend them all.

And a spectacular 3 hour presentation (by multiple speakers) on the subject of Theistic Evolution. I’ll be reviewing this 1000 page tome soon, but to have a roster of top-tier scientists, philosophers, and theologians dealing with topic in such depth was worth the 6 hour drive each way and the cost of the conference and the hotel room. Their object in equipping the saints to be able to stand our ground against popular evolutionary myths and especially capitulations in the Church by groups like BioLogos was nothing short of stunning – and highly energizing.

If you can only buy one major book this year ($65.00 IS steep) – save your pennies and do it. Spectacular.

There were a few more but I wanted to tease you all with the Theistic Evolution book. GET IT!