Love & War & The Sea In Between

I like it.
It’s not everyday that you’ll read where I like a music album enough to give it a plug. “Love & War & The Sea In Between” by Josh Garrells is not, at least in my humble opinion, a music album that seeks to be defined as a worship album. It’s not that. In my opinion it’s simply entertainment with words and themes that speak to the sensible Christian. Some of the lyrics are biblical and some others are just plain nice. (This is not intended to an endorsement of the young song writer’s theology. It’s not in any sense.) The songs are not in your face with loudness or other attention getting devices. Rather, they are easy and laid back and to be enjoyed on a rainy day when you can’t go out and play or while you are taking your wife out on an afternoon drive in the countryside.
There’s another reason I appreciate this 18 track album. It is free and I love free whenever possible. That’s the beauty of doing ministry in the digital age and the Internet. We can produce and distribute good quality resources that will serve one another in Christ for very little to no expense at all. Josh Garrell’s generosity in making his art free is to be commended.
Download a free copy of his digital album at the first link below. Let him know you appreciate his labors. I have. You can find Josh’s home page here and the page to his latest album here. For a blurb from Christianity Today about Garrell’s album visit here.