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The popular online book seller Monergism recently notified many if not all of their customers that they will not make available Gentry and Wellum’s “Kingdom Through Covenant” (Crossway) because in their opinion, “KTC” is not a “Christ-centered biblical theology,” which they believe their own Reformed/Covenant theology reflects.
May we ask a simple question?
How is it that a system derived through a man-made theological construct of the covenants can make their brand of theology more of a “Christ-centered biblical theology,” when it has artificially created a “covenant of works” and a “covenant of grace” at the expense of the two major biblical covenants as defined by II Corinthians 3 and Galatians 4:21-31?
This is all quite sad given that Monergism has served for many years as a respected source for many within the New Covenant Theology and Progressive Dispensational communities.
Our Opinion
Why would you purchase from Monergism if they continue to sell works that do not properly define the two biblical covenants?
Given Monergism’s own faulty reasoning customers who do not embrace Covenant Theology ought to think twice before supporting this online ministry.
[Update: Over at the Gospel Coalition Matt Smethurst wrote, “I corresponded with Gentry and Wellum about their proposal, ironic similarities between the two dominant systems, recent accusations, and more.” Most interesting was what he wrote with regards to TGC’s plan for the near future. “Soon TGC expects to publish a forum featuring responses to this proposal by Darrell Bock, Michael Horton, and Douglas Moo.” It’s rather ironic that Monergism’s refusal to sell “Kingdom Through Covenant” has in all probability generated a greater amount of exposure and sales for this super work by Wellum and Gentry. – Moe] [learn_more caption=”Read Monergism’s Statement Here”] — Begin Quote —
As most of you already know. Monergism Books is dedicated to upholding a Christ-centered biblical theology, which we believe, Reformed/Covenant theology most closely reflects. If you have been following us for any amount of time you should know that we try, by the grace of God, to carefully choose books and resources to promote and warn visitors about books with theological problems. This is one of those times. We believe that Kingdom through Covenant both misrepresents Covenant Theology and promotes an unbiblical alternative. Of course we are not trying to decide for you what to buy, but rather, encourage you in the right direction when you have a choice in the books you read. Some might be under the false impression that we oppose the theology in this book because it is Reformed Baptist. But this is not the case. Kingdom through Covenant is not a Reformed Baptist work or Reformed at all. Historically Reformed Theology has been synonymous with Covenant Theology. So—called New Covenant Theology is actually a reaction against confessional Reformed Baptists, Presbyterians and Covenant Theologians in general. We are not against it because it is Baptist. by no means. In fact, We carry and encourage you to purchase Baptist Greg Nichols excellent work of covenant theology because we think that it accurately represents classic Covenant Theology from Baptist perspective. Just to clarify, we will not be selling Kingdom through Covenant or making it available. We regard “New Covenant Theology” as a significant theological error but of course you are free to purchase it elsewhere. We appreciate your understanding that we are taking a stand on this issue and we do appreciate your business even though it may not be for his particular book. So we recommend Sacred Bond and Nichols book over Kingdom through Covenant. — end quote — [/learn_more]


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