A Summary of Wisdom in the Book of Proverbs


“Wisdom is the major theme in the book of Proverbs.”

The wisdom taught in Proverbs is not some kind of general human knowledge gained by way of human contemplation and reflection on the facts of life, but knowledge concerning God and his way that is ultimately communicated to humanity by God himself through torah.
The book of Proverbs teaches that God used wisdom in creating the world (Prov 3:19–20).
The idea of the seven pillars and the the high places of the town in Prov 9:1, 3, 14 relates Wisdom and Folly to the concept of temple.
Wisdom is closely associated with sanctuary building in the Old Testament (see Exod 31:2; 35:30–36:1; 2 Chr 2:13).
An important theological connection exists between God’s wisdom in building the earth as a sanctuary (where God and humanity relate together) and the God-given wisdom of people like Bezalel and Solomon, who were used by God to build the tabernacle/temple.Because God is the source of wisdom, all wisdom comes as a gift from him (Prov 2:6).
Wisdom is of great value (Prov 4:7; 8:10–11; 16:16).
Wisdom is readily available (Prov 1:20–21; 8:1–5); but we need to get hold of, to love, and to never forsake wisdom (Prov 4:5, 7).
We need to pay attention to it (Prov 5:1), to listen to the voice of wisdom (Prov 2:2; 8:6), to search for wisdom like searching for hidden treasure (Prov 2:4).
The person who possesses wisdom is blessed (Prov 3:13; 8:32–34).
Wisdom provides protection (Prov 4:6), honor (Prov 4:8), splendor (Prov 4:9), and life (Prov 8:35; 9:6).

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Steven Coxhead
Brother Coxhead has served as visiting lecturer in Hebrew and the Old Testament at the Sydney Missionary and Bible College since 2002. He’s taught Advanced Classical Hebrew regularly at the Macquarie Ancient Languages School since 2009. As a part-time lecturer at the Presbyterian Theological Centre in Sydney from 2002 to 2010, teaching the Old Testament, Romans, John’s Gospel, Biblical Hebrew, and New Testament Greek; and taught Johannine Theology and the Old Testament at the Wesley Institute in Sydney from 2010 to 2011. Steven also taught Old Testament, New Testament, and Systematic Theology in South-East Asia.
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A Rage to Live

“A Rage To Live: Surviving
The Holocaust So Hitler Would Not Win.”

Hello, My name is Moe Bergeron. I am the publisher of CMC and I want to introduce you to the labor of my good friend pastor Joseph G. Krygier. Pastor Joe has co-authored the above titled book. I’ve read it and have profited much by this personal account and I highly recommend it to you. As I read through its pages I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of sadness knowing that Adam’s rejection of his Creator and God has had tragic consequences for all of his family. Thankfully, God’s people are not without hope. May the God of Israel speak to the hearts of Abraham’s descendants about His mercy and grace.
The following is in Joe’s own words.

This is the story of Victor Breitburg, 85,  who survived the Lódz Ghetto, Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Theresienstadt Concentration Camps. He was liberated by the Russians on May 8, 1945 on his 18th birthday and repatriated to England and eventually to the US, where he had family who left Poland before the war. It tells of his education and we get glimpses of the rest of his life up to the present. Our book has been accepted into the Yad Veshem, US Holocaust Museum, The Imperial War Museum and Center For Holocaust Studies – Atlantic University  research libraries. It has received endorsements from Jewish and non-Jewish readers including Alan Adelson :

My copy has arrived, Mr. Krygier.  What a superb job you did.  As a person who has worked on the contemporaneous as well as memoiristic writings from the Lódz Ghetto for many years, I certainly congratulate you for making this valuable contribution to the literature.
Thank you and all best wishes,
Alan Adelson
Executive Director
Jewish Heritage

Pastor Krygier is presently writing a play based on the written account so that the story of Victor Breitburg, who represents multitudes of others who suffered under the tyranny of Hitler, can be told to countless others.

You can find more information including pictures, video interviews and other comments at www.tolifeink.com
In addition you can obtain an ebook copy of this excellent work at a greatly reduced rate through Noisetrade.

A Rage to Live