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Review: John Piper’s “A Peculiar Glory”

A review of John Piper, A Peculiar Glory: How the Christians Scriptures Reveal Their Complete Truthfulness, Crossway, 2016. (by Tim Chester)

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I’ve just finished a manuscript for a book on the doctrine of Scripture – provisionally called Bible Matters: Meeting God in his Word – which is due out next year. So I recently read A Peculiar Glory, John Piper’s latest book.

A Peculiar Glory is a sustained argument of the self-authenticating authority of the Bible.  That is, the belief that the authority of the Bible is not established through a scholarly investigation of historical evidence, nor is it conferred on the Bible by the church. Rather it shines from the pages of Bible as it displays the glory of God. So God is the source of its authority. We recognise this not just because we trace the process by which the Spirit worked through the human authors, but because the content of the Scriptures captures our hearts. A distinctive slant of this argument is Piper’s emphasis on this approach making confidence in the Bible accessible to all people, not just those with the time and ability to explore questions of historicity.

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