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Moe Bergeron
My Thoughts About This Work
(This is truly a “sort of” review.) 
First of all I want the reader to know that I presently do not own a copy of this important work by Charles Leiter. The second thing I want you to know is that many a friend, teacher, and fellow pastor have raved about this work so I’m as jealous as can be. Thirdly, You can rest assured I will place my order very soon.
Here’s the scoop. I’ve been told by all of those who have read it, that this is the single most important book written by a modern author on the nuts and bolts of the new covenant in Christ Jesus, and that this book should be read by every serious student of the Word of God. The author affirms Jesus Christ to be the promised covenant of God.
I’m also told there is no theological mumbo-jumbo and that its pages are sprinkled heavily with heart warming Christ centered words. The author writes as a pastor seeking to do God’s saints some good.
Let’s be honest here. When it comes to furthering our understanding of the new covenant very few voices have stood up to be counted as theologians of the new covenant. There are a few rare exceptions. See “Kingdom through Covenant” by Gentry and Wellum.
Buy your copy. Buy a gift copy. Give us your opinion. (Disclaimer: I am not in any was connected with either the publisher or the author and have nothing to gain in this life by recommending this work.)
Publisher’s Description
The Law of Christ
Get This Book!
What does it mean to “serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter”? What is the Christian’s relationship to the Law of Moses? What is the “law of Christ”? How are love and law related? Are the commandments of the Old Testament still relevant in the Christian life? What does it mean to be “free from the Law”? How does love “fulfill the whole law”? These questions, and many others, are considered in The Law of Christ.
Too often Christians have looked to something other than Christ for their supreme rule of duty. They have centered their lives around a “list of rules” rather than His “new commandment” to love. Not realizing that the goal of all Christian instruction is love, they have too often valued Bible knowledge, preaching ability, “ministry,” and “gifts” above the one thing that matters most in the Christian life. Yet, according to the New Testament, love is the fulfillment of “the whole law,” and no amount of sacrifice, knowledge, or even faith means anything apart from it. The goal of this book is to point believers to their perfect Savior and standard, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Himself love incarnate, and who alone can enable them in some measure to love as He loved.
“Questions about the relationship between believers and the law of God continue to perplex biblical scholars and serious Christians alike. Charles Leiter shows himself well-informed of both the relevant biblical scholarship and the theological issues in this clearly written, helpful study. Unlike many other treatments of the topic, he succeeds in uniting insights from the Old Testament laws themselves with Christ’s words in the Sermon on the Mount and discussions of law in the Pauline epistles. The result is a truly biblical theology of law that I recommend highly to pastors and other students of Scripture.”
–Stephen Westerholm, McMaster University (Author of Israel’s Law and the Church’s Faith: Paul and His Recent Interpreters)
“It is a rare and wonderful blessing for me to recommend a book that not only honors the Scriptures, but also has been used by God as an instrument of transformation in my own life. Therefore, it is with great joy that I recommend this book to you.”
–Paul David Washer, HeartCry Missionary Society
The Opinion of Granted Ministries
This book is remarkable on a number of levels. First, it is every bit as helpful and clear as his previous book, Justification and Regeneration. Second, it is a very balanced and judicious treatment of some of the most frequently debated theological issues. Third, it is faithful to the Scriptures’ thrust of putting the Lord Jesus Christ at the center of everything in the believer’s life, fleshing out for the Christian how to approach issues such as ethics, law, Scripture reading, love, and many other things we encounter in the Christian life. Though reasonably thorough it is not tedious; Pastor Leiter has written a book that stirs the soul and encourages the saints with the joy, liberty, and responsibility of following the Lord Jesus Christ in both His selfless love for others and His complete devotion to the Father.
When Christians begin to search the Scriptures for guidance on godly living, they will eventually encounter trouble caused by the two major manifestations of God’s will. The first is the Law of Moses, given by God Himself to Israel at Mount Sinai amid thunder, flame, and terror. The second is the person of Jesus, the very Son of God, with His lofty teachings and bright example. When we begin to ponder these manifestations, questions arise and demand answers: Why are they so different, or seem so different, when they are both from God? Should Christians actively follow the Law of Moses, even though so much of it clearly does not apply directly to us? Does Jesus uphold the Mosaic Law as an abiding ethical authority? If so, why does He seem to depart from it sometimes?
This helpful book from Pastor Charles Leiter is an attempted answer to these questions. He addresses the issue in three parts. In Part One, he describes the broader question of how the Abrahamic, Old, and New Covenants relate to one another. He concludes that all Old Testament history and promise culminates in Christ, and he presents several rules for Bible interpretation derived from this fact. Part Two focuses on the freedom from the Law of Moses which Christians enjoy, as described in the New Testament. He demonstrates what this means and does not mean, shows how exactly the Law of Moses remains relevant for the Christian, and finally proves that Christ is superior to Moses and that He does give new principles for life in His new kingdom. Part Three is concerned with two ideas. First, Pastor Leiter explains “the Law of Christ,” which fundamentally is the “new commandment” to love one another as He has loved us: love informed by Christ’s own example. Second, he shows that the Holy Spirit’s help is necessary for obedience to this commandment and that the Holy Spirit truly does create Christlikeness in the Christian. The books ends with several appendices, meant to address various important topics not discussed in the main text.
Author: Charles Leiter
Publisher: Granted Ministries Press
ISBN: 978-0-9840318-0-1
Pages: 356
Binding: Hardback
Size: 8.75 x 5.75 x 1.25 inches

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