One Baptism

If there’s ever been a topic in Christianity that has seemed to cause massive disunity, it’s baptism. And yet when Paul is declaring foundational doctrines of our Christian unity, one of the things he includes is “one baptism”. What is baptism? In addition, Scripture talks about multiples forms of baptism (water, fire, etc.), so what is the “one” baptism referring to?

There’s No 1 Percent When It Comes to Death

“No matter how much we as a culture progress, this is something that’s inevitable. It’s the leveler of everybody. There’s no 1 percent when it comes to death. Every single one of us is on equal ground. Death seems almost omnipotent.” — Jan Vezikov

Text: Luke 7:11–17

Preached: August 12, 2018

Location: Mosaic Boston, Brookline, Massachusetts

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