The Inerrancy Summit

Todd BrayeAfter tuning in to this year’s Shepherds’ Conference today, I wish to encourage you to do the same (follow the link for live streaming and schedule). Unfortunately, I was pulled away from my computer just before John MacArthur gave the opening address. So, I missed him. But I made it back in time to watch Keith and Krysten Getty lead in song before one of my favorite pastors, Alistair Begg, expounded 2 Timothy 4:1-5. His sermon title, Let The Lion Out, was, as he confessed, borrowed from Spurgeon. It was classic Begg; his “Cleveland accent,” keen sense of humor, and MLJ-influenced expository style was simply irresisitble.
The hunt for words to describe seeing hundreds of men gathered to worship, listen, fellowship, and be encouraged in pastoral ministry fails me. And as I found myself being drawn into the event – though it be some 1200 miles away – I remembered attending Pastor Begg’s very own pastors’ conferences years ago. But now I simply encourage you, reader, to watch this one. In a day and age when the absolute truth of God’s only inscripturated word, the Holy Bible, is under attack from both the world and the professing church, this conference is vital.
As a final note of interest, I must say how amazing the hand of providence truly is. In my work with Pastoral Leadership Development, ACTION I’ve begun a teaching ministry via Skype with some 10 pastors in Tenali, India. Sola scriptura was the topic of our last session just over a week ago. Today, one of those Tenali pastors sits in Sun Valley, CA, under the ministry of The Inerrancy Summit! Could it be that Someone is orchestrating His purpose for Gospel advance to all the nations? Undeniably!
Because He has “exalted above all things His name and His word” (Psalm 138:2),
~ Todd Braye
Courtesy Todd Braye and Unveiled | Beholding the Glory of Christ