Study Series in John's Gospel

The Sorrow of the Cross

Study Series: The Gospel of John

Larger Context: Following Jesus

This Study: Sorrow Turned to Joy (John 16:16-33)

Scripture  (John 16:16-33

Murray McLellan

Sorrow in the world (v. 16-20a)

•  The cross is imminent (v. 16-19).

•  The disciple’s sorrow, resulting from a lack of understanding, will be transformed to joy (v. 20-22).

•  The very event that caused the sorrow and pain, will be the very event that would be the cause of
great rejoicing (v. 20-22). The cross is not a cause for sorrow but for joy! Luke 24:21, 36-53, Gal.

•  The world’s rejoicing will be brief and come to a sudden end (v. 20,33). Joy in Christ (v. 20b-33)
The Joy of Resurrection (v. 20-22)

•  The illustration of birth where suffering leads to glory (v. 20-21). Isa. 26:16-21

•  We’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in our hearts because we shall see and be with Jesus (v. 22).
John 20:20

The Joy of Answered Prayer (v. 23-24, 26-27)

•  Prayer in Jesus’ name signifies a new order; praying as friends, not servants.

•  Neither David Nor Abraham Ever Asked For Anything in Jesus’ Name.

•  The joy that comes from fruit-bearing and obedience springs from prayer.

The Joy of Understanding a Crucified Messiah (v. 25-30)

•  There is increased understanding after the resurrection.

•  The Father’s great love is shown in the giving of His Son.

•  The Father loves the disciples because they love Christ and believe that He came from God.

The Joy of a Savior who has Overcome the World (v. 31-33)

•  It’s Friday; but Sunday’s a coming!

•  In the world Christians will have trouble, but in Christ there is peace.

•  Peace comes from the Word of Christ and the reality revealed therein.

•  Believers can take heart because Jesus has won the decisive victory. Knowing who triumphs in the
end helps us to share His peace. Rom. 8:31-39

•  Do you now believe?

~ Murray

About Murray McLellan
Murray is the lead church planter and Bible teacher at Grace Fellowship Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. He and his wife Cheryl have labored in the Gospel for many years despite the many discouragements along the way. Our brother is associated with “InDepth Studies”, the Acts 29 network of church planters, and more recently the uniquely Canadian C2C church planting network. In new covenant circles Murray is a long time contributor to new covenant thought and discussion.