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The Witness of the Transfiguration

2 Peter 1:1-21 ESV


David Frampton

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What is recorded in the Scriptures is for our instruction. God is not just filling pages. He is speaking to us through each section of the Word, revealing himself and bringing honor to his name in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Let’s read the account of the Transfiguration as recorded in Mark (Mk 9:1-10).


I. Specifically, Peter testifies about the Transfiguration of Jesus.

A.He speaks as an eyewitness (cf. 2:12; 3:2). Peter likes to use this word to speak of how a person can be convinced of something by what he or she sees.

1.We can use his eyewitness account, as any attorney uses eyewitness accounts to argue in court. We have legal proof available for our use.

2.In the Four Gospels we have independent witnesses to the events of the life of Jesus and his teaching. We can confront people with this testimony.

B.Notice that Peter says that he was an eyewitness of Christ’s majesty.

1.This word is used in its two other occurrences in the New Testament Scriptures of divine majesty (Lk 9:43; Ac 19:27).

2.Peter is pressing an exalted view of Christ on his readers! To honor God and to give an accurate witness for Jesus, we must speak about in harmony with what God has told us about his Son.

Point: We have to know what we are defending in order to defend the faith. We do not tell of a little Jesus but of a divine Lord. We have authority from Christ to speak for him (Mt 28:18-20), and so we must speak with his authority about his authority.

C.Peter tells us of what he both saw and heard.

1.God is able to speak so that we can understand. One of the basic breakdowns in human thinking is to create a false disjunction between God’s transcendence and God’s immanence. Human thought then assumes that there can be no communication of a truly majestic God with what is created.

2.This certainly diminishes the glory of God. The Creator is so great and above us that he is able to speak to us in language we can understand. And though he is high and holy, he is very near and able to speak so that Peter could hear him on that mountain.

3.Peter heard God the Father affirming the true nature of Christ and his acceptance of his Son. We do not help anyone by presenting a small Christ; hope in an age of despair can only come through the exalted Christ who is mighty to save, who has power to undo the human predicament and who in fact rescues us from our deplorable situation.

4.Peter was deeply impressed with an actual encounter with the living God. Jesus receives honor and glory from the Father. The voice speaking is the voice of Majestic Glory. The mountain is holy (cf. Ex 3:5-6).

D.He refers to this event, because it revealed Christ’s glory as no other event in the earthly life and ministry of our Lord. The second coming of Christ is the full display of Christ’s glory. Therefore, Peter chose the Transfiguration to argue from the lesser to the greater. It was an authentic witness to the greater glory that is yet to be revealed.

II. Every believer should be very familiar with the facts of the Biblical record and how God interprets those facts.




Son of God becoming truly human


Signs that Jesus is the Messiah


Christ’s atonement for our sins


Demonstration of God’s acceptance of Christ’s atonement


Christ’s kingship over God’s kingdom


Proof of Christ’s lordship


1. Christians need to pay closer attention to the apostolic method.

[1]We are not to evangelize as we think we should; that is, outside of the Biblical boundaries.

[2]We are to tell God’s good news in God’s way.

2. The foundation of our faith is truth.

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