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A. Ward Brandenstein's To Walk In The Spirit

Epilogue & Bibliography

This is the last installment of A. Ward Brandenstein’s “To Walk In The Spirit”. With this last post the editors of CMC wish to thank Mr. and Mrs. Brandenstein for granting CMC permission to bring to the Christian reader a wealth of instruction, as to how to live the Christian life as a disciple of Christ, in the way and power of the Spirit of God. Many Thanks!



When God created man, man was created as a tri-partite being: spirit, soul, and body.  Man’s spirit enabled him to have fellowship with God.  As a spirit being, man was dependent on God to meet his spiritual needs which included moral discernment.  This dependency on God to meet the spiritual needs of man continued until man disobeyed God’s command.  When man disobeyed, he became independent from God and lost the fellowship he originally enjoyed with God.  He then came under the rule of sin and death, and was separated from God so that he was spiritually dead.
Every human being who has ever lived since that first transgression has been born with a spirit that is dead to God (with the exception of Jesus Christ, the virgin-born Son of God), and lives under the totalitarian rule of sin and death.  From the spiritual death of man has come all of the psychological and physical maladies man has experienced.
When Christ came from heaven to earth in the incarnation, it was to make provision for God’s justice to be met through the sacrifice of His own life and to redeem all who trust Him for deliverance from the guilt and power of sin, and ultimately from sin’s presence.  But more than redeeming sinners, Christ also provided for those who receive Him to be given His righteousness.  When He returned to the Father in heaven, the Holy Spirit was sent from the Father and the Son to enable all believers who willingly submit themselves to the Spirit’s filling and control to experience righteousness in their living, which, in turn, produces holy living, which then provides the believer with the practical reality of eternal life (Rom. 6:19,22,23; Gal. 6:8).  As the child of God lives under the control of the Holy Spirit, he begins to see the benefits in his psychological and physical being as well as in his spiritual being (Rom. 8:11; III John 2).
As the child of God steadfastly pursues the walk in the Spirit, life will be a continual learning and growing experience, and each day becomes an adventure of seeing God’s working His will through the believer to God’s glory and the believer’s abundant joy!


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A. Ward Brandenstein
Pastor Ward earned an M.A. in Guidance and Counselling from Eastern Michigan University after taking special courses in psychology at Wayne State University, and earned a Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.) from Baptist Bible College and Seminary with Greek and Hebrew studies, and earned a diploma from Philadelphia Bible Institute (now Cairn U.), including New Testament Greek studies. His knowledge of the Bible and close walk with God are appreciated by all who know him and have sat under his teaching. Pastor Brandenstein and his wife Rose Ann reside in California, teaching college level singles and married couples, young professionals, and retired pastors and missionaries.