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Part 2 – Who are we?

There is freedom from living a guilt-ridden life to those who have received Christ, once the person learns his true identity in Christ. Sadly, there are too few Christians who learn this early in their Christian experience, and, it is safe to say, many never do. As a result, they live in a frustrated, defeated condition as they endeavor to prove that they are worthy of acceptance based on their performance. Mankind is conditioned to strive for performance-based acceptance by the world system around him and by his own prideful tendency that he can attain anything he strives for hard enough.
When the believer learns that his true identity in Christ is the result of what God has provided for him, the person can focus his life and energy on the kind of walk that he is to enjoy.
It is marvelous to know that there are at least fifty truths that relate to a person’s placing his faith in Christ as his or her Lord and Savior! They happen automatically and simultaneously with the receiving of Christ as Lord and Savior! These wonderful truths will be considered in alphabetical order, and the Scriptures under each item will be presented in the chronological order of the New Testament. (See Appendix C, New Testament Chronological Order (located in the printed edition.)) An expositional commentary will follow the Scriptures under each item in the following section.
As the Holy Spirit brings understanding to a believer that these truths are real regardless of how one feels, there will be a greater assurance, with a sense of inner peace never before experienced. Each new day becomes an opportunity to …know Him, and the power of His resurrection… (Phil 3:10), and to …press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Phil 3:14). There will be freedom from fear and frustration, and a new excitement in facing life with a heavenly viewpoint.
The following Scriptural facts of salvation enable the believer to know who he is. Knowing who we are directly affects how we walk and eliminates the need to work for what we already have in Christ. In other words, knowing who and what we are in Christ frees us to walk in the Spirit without our trying to attain that which we already have in Him, such is acceptance, for one example, from the following list of FIFTY MARVELOUS FACTS OF SALVATION.


(What We Are And What God Has Done!)

Fact 1 – Accepted
Fact 2 – Adopted
Fact 3 – Baptized In The Spirit
Fact 4 – Blessed With All Spiritual Blessings
Fact 5 – Born Again
Fact 6 – Called Of God
Fact 7 – Children Of God
Fact 8 – Children Of The Light And Of The Day
Fact 9 – Chosen Generation, A People Of His Own
Fact 10 – Cleansed
Fact 11 – Complete In Christ
Fact 12 – Dead To Sin
Fact 13 – Dead To The Law
Fact 14 – Delivered From The Power Of Darkness
Fact 15 – Eternal Or Everlasting Life
Fact 16 – Forgiven All Trespasses
Fact 17 – Given A New, Pure Heart
Fact 18 – Glorified
Fact 19 – God’s Building
Fact 20 – God’s Elect; Chosen Of God
Fact 21 – God’s Inheritance
Fact 22 – Having Access To God
Fact 23 – Having Liberty
Fact 24 – Heirs Of God, Joint-Heirs With Christ
Fact 25 – Holy Nation
Fact 26 – Indwelt By God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Fact 27 – Justified
Fact 28 – Kept By God
Fact 29 – Light In The Lord
Fact 30 – Member In Christ’s Body
Fact 31 – New Creation
Fact 32 – Partaker Of The Divine Nature
Fact 33 – Perfected Forever
Fact 34 – Placed In Christ
Fact 35 – Predestined To Conformity To Christ
Fact 36 – Predestined To An Inheritance
Fact 37 – Presented To Christ As A Gift By The Father
Fact 38 – Reconciled
Fact 39 – Redeemed
Fact 40 – Royal Priesthood
Fact 41 – Sanctified (Saint)
Fact 42 – Saved, Salvation
Fact 43 – Sealed By The Spirit; Having The Earnest Of The Spirit
Fact 44 – Sheep Of The Good Shepherd, Great Shepherd; God’s Flock
Fact 45 – Son Of Obedience
Fact 46 – Sons Of God
Fact 47 – Spiritual Household Member
Fact 48 – Temple Of The Holy Spirit
Fact 49 – Translated Into The Kingdom Of God’s Dear Son
Fact 50 – United With Christ In Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension (Identification)


All of the amazing facts occur at the moment that a person receives the Lord Jesus Christ as his or her Saviour! All of the facts are positional truths. Some may not be apparent as an evident experience at the moment of salvation. (What the believer is to do as a practical result of knowing who he is will be considered under the last section of walking in the Spirit.) These wonderful facts of salvation allow us to know who we are in Christ.
Next Week: Facts 1 – 2 (Accepted and Adopted)
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