A New Year’s Prayer for Blessing by John Newton

Newton often preached especially for young people on the occasion of New Years. This is one of those prayers as included in the Olney Hymns.

Now, gracious Lord, thine arm reveal,

And make thy glory known;

Now let us all thy presence feel,

And soften hearts of stone!

2 Help us to venture near thy throne,

And plead a Saviour’s name;

For all that we can call our own,

Is vanity and shame.

3 From all the guilt of former sin

May mercy set us free;

And let the year we now begin,

Begin and end with thee.

4 Send down thy Spirit from above,

That saints may love thee more;

And sinners now may learn to love,

Who never lov’d before.

5 And when before thee we appear,

In our eternal home,

May growing numbers worship here,

And praise thee in our room.

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