Another of Newton’s Precious Hymns

What consolation in knowing how God’s grace is sufficient for us.

II CORINTHIANS My Grace is sufficient for thee. Chap. 12:9

1 Oppress’d with unbelief and sin,

Fightings without, and fears within;

While earth and hell, with force combin’d,

Assault and terrify my mind:

2 What strength have I against such foes,

Such hosts and legions to oppose?

Alas! I tremble, faint, and fall;

Lord, save me, or I give up all.

3 Thus sorely prest, I sought the Lord,

To give me some sweet, cheering word;

Again I sought, and yet again;

I waited long, but not in vain.

4 Oh! ’twas a cheering word indeed!

Exactly suited to my need;

“Sufficient for thee is my grace,

Thy weakness my great pow’r displays.”

5 Now I despond and mourn no more,

I welcome all I fear’d before;

Though weak, I’m strong; though troubled, blest;

For Christ’s own pow’r shall on me rest.

6 My grace would soon exhausted be,

But his is boundless as the sea;

Then let me boast with holy Paul,

That I am nothing, Christ is all.

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