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Hi, I’m Fred Zaspel, editor at Books at a Glance. If you are anything at all like me, books are a huge part of your life. King Solomon famously said that of the making of many books there is no end – but somehow we are okay with that. What a wonderful medium of communication and learning books are! But there is the frustration of keeping up. And there is the frustration of selection – knowing which books to buy next. Books at a Glance was created to help with just these frustrations. Our staff keeps up with all the newest and best in Christian publishing in order to keep our members informed and up to date. Much more than a book review service, we summarize the contents and thought of each book, so that you can digest a book in minutes. Each summary is an accurate and comprehensive yet brief and concise presentation of the entire book, chapter by chapter, delivered directly to your computer, iPad, or cell phone every week. And in just minutes you will become acquainted with the contents and arguments of each new book. Books at a Glance distinguishes itself as a book summary service that focuses on the newest and the best of Christian publications. Along with these summaries we also provide: book reviews, author interviews, author blogs, etc. In all, we trust this will be a site of real value for you. Check us out. We are excited about our work, and I think you will be too. Blessings, Fred Zaspel

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Book Summary
Advancing Trinitarian Theology: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics Ed. Oliver D. Crisp and Fred Sanders Zondervan, 2014 198 pages (Paperback) (Kindle) A Book Summary from Books At a Glance Members. About the Editor […] Continue Reading
Book Reviews
The Shape and Shaping of the Book of Psalms THE SHAPE AND SHAPING OF THE BOOK OF PSALMS: THE CURRENT STATE OF SCHOLARSHIP, ed. by Nancy deClaissé-Walford
Nancy L. deClaissé-Walford’s purpose in The Shape and Shaping of the Book of Psalms, which comprises sixteen articles from different authors, is to explore the current state of canonical scholarship on the Psalms. Specifically, this work discusses the new direction Psalms scholarship has taken since Gerald Wilson publi […] Continue Reading
 The Psalms as Christian Lament THE PSALMS AS CHRISTIAN LAMENT: A HISTORICAL COMMENTARY, by Bruce Waltke, James Houston, and Erika Moore
Biblical commentaries come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak, all seeking to explain in one way or another the biblical text. Some commentaries may primarily exposit the biblical text with the preacher in mind. Other commentaries may take a highly technical approach by dealing with text-critical, linguistic, and/or compositional conc […] Continue Reading
As I was reading about Carmichael’s strong resolve to be a missionary, her amazing work in India rescuing children from the evil horrors of temple prostitution, thereby establishing the Dohnavur Fellowship and providing a Christian home for hundreds of children, I was greatly encouraged by her unwavering love of our Savior. It also […] Continue Reading
Author Interview
 Jim Hamilton Interview with Jim Hamilton, author of EXALTING CHRIST IN EZRA AND NEHEMIAH
Ezra and Nehemiah are some of the best known neglected books in the Bible. We know they are there, and we have all heard of them. But it’s not likely that you’ve heard a series of sermons from them. To be fair, preachers are not always sure how to preach Old Testament as Christian Scriptures, and preaching through […] Continue Reading
The Word of God and The Mind of Man - Nash THE WORD OF GOD AND THE MIND OF MAN, by Ronald Nash
In his The Word of God and the Mind of Man the late philosopher-theologian Ronald Nash explains and defends the historic evangelical understanding of divine revelation, but he is the first “to trace this position back to its roots….” […] Continue Reading
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