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What is a sermon? Great question! At some basic level, a sermon is a verbal event in a specific place, at a certain time, and for a particular congregation. — Todd Braye

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First Thessalonians - Braye

From the Author

It has always been my conviction that the Bible, as God’s Word, is the sole authority in the pulpit. It is the text and the text alone which is the important matter, and not so much what follows. A man will strive to explain it and apply it faithfully, but the exposition is not God’s Word. God’s Word is His Word! Of course, exposition is far from irrelevant, but it is not ultimate.

Consequently, I have given the text pride of place in every manuscript. At the beginning of each, the Scripture text occupies the immediate space below the sermon title. I do this repeatedly and unapologetically to mirror my weekly custom. Before I began my exposition, I would read the specific verses from which the sermon was born. I urge you, dear reader, to read the sermon text as part of each manuscript/chapter. “…for [he has] exalted above all things [his] name and [his] word” (Ps. 138:2).


From the Preface

What is a sermon? Great question! And I suppose there is more than one way to answer it. But at some basic level, a sermon is a verbal event in a specific place, at a certain time, and for a particular congregation. Manuscripts are definitely not that, lacking the moment, the preacher, his speech, and any unction God, in his sovereign goodness, chooses to give.

Having said that, the sermon manuscript is not without value. I dare say such manuscripts are priceless treasures, especially those written by gifted expositors. I do not count myself among such men. But I am among those given the tremendous privilege and weighty responsibility of standing before an assembly of believers in Christ on a weekly basis.

The pages that follow were mostly written in preparation for a series of sermons I delivered in 2012 to a small Baptist congregation in western Canada. The first twenty-three manuscripts have been edited for the purposes of this project. With encouragement from Doug Nichols to provide material free of charge for Filipino pastors, I wrote the remaining four manuscripts as a missionary with ACTION Canada, Pastoral Leadership Development.

To deny the significant demands of preaching is to diminish the pulpit’s place in the life of the local church. To be sure, preaching is often an arduous task! Therefore, it is my hope that those who stand as I once did find much encouragement and instruction in the following pages.

Pastor, use these manuscripts however you wish. Quote them. Learn from them. I truly hope they are very beneficial for you and provide help as you seek to serve the Great Shepherd and feed his sheep.

Christian, use these manuscripts however you wish for your growth in the grace which is found in Jesus Christ.

To all who would read beyond this preface, I encourage you to judge these expositions by the Holy Scriptures. The Bible itself is the final authority, and not any man! The Bible is God’s Word; those who revere it as such are truly wise! So, as the Bereans of old did, receive the Word with eagerness. But examine the Scriptures to make sure what is being taught is indeed true (Acts 17:11)! Of course, it is not my intention to lead you astray. But as a mere, imperfect man,  I simply remind you and point you to the absolute, rock-solid perfection of the Bible. As a pastor, I sought to preach Christ and feed his sheep, preaching and teaching the unfathomable riches of Christ. And now, by these manuscripts, I pass on the fruit of much labour. May the Lord Christ be praised, pastors taught, and his church strengthened.

Todd Braye