Justin Taylor: Be Joyfully Transformed

Union with Christ: Joy and Confidence Before God

Justin Taylor writes; I wish every reader of this blog would avail themselves of the teaching of Mike Reeves, theological adviser for UCCF in the UK and the author of Delighting in the Trinity. There are few teachers I would rather listen to, either on historical theology or theology. He combines deep learning with a very engaging and accessible style. Here are some talks he gave earlier this year (January 2013) on adoption and union with Christ at Transformission Scotland. He says that some of us have a functionally boring “gospel,” but in teaching on gospel, union, and adoption, he says that he expects that listeners will be joyfully transformed.
You can listen to the audio (123), or watch the videos.
(The teaching begins in the first one around the 4:00 mark.)
Mike Reeves on union with Christ
1. The benefits of union with Christ (we are adopted into Christ’s own sonship and find complete security through pure grace).
2. How union with Christ works (Christ takes all that is ours [our sin and shame] and shares with us all that is his [his righteousness and blessing]).
3. Q&A on the first two talks, then looks at what Scripture teaches on being united to Christ and the fruit these truths produce in our lives.