Blind Bartimaeus


Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus – Moe Bergeron – from danny ovalle on Vimeo.
Visiting Pastor and CMC editor Moe Bergeron preaching on Luke’s quote from Isaiah 61:1-3 & Mark’s example of Bartimaeus in 10:46-52 at historic First Church of Christ located in Bradford (Haverhill), MA.
With Mark 10:46-52 serving as an example of Luke 4:18-19, Mark has drawn for us a picture if you will, of a desperate man, held captive by a dark world, deep loneliness, and absolute poverty. Such was the lot of the blind in our Lord’s day. Bartimaeus is totally dependent upon others to provide the necessities of life. There is no modern welfare system to help him. Those who sit in the seats of the scornful would accuse him of being a sinner and, at the very least, he would be considered by the religious establishment a child of sinners. Despite his blindness, this desperate man, made very good use of his hearing. Blind people are said to hear carefully since hearing at times can provide guidance. This man heard well. (If we don’t have many gifts we should use the gifts we have well.)