Mail, I get mail!

Today’s “love letter” to my blog.

“Your website contains some of the worst humanist thinking out there disguised at Christian teaching…You speak from a lying spirit and the world loves what you say! And if the world loves you then you are not of Christ!”

Believe me, if my mailbag is any indication, the world does not love what I say.

But anyway: not sure if he was speaking about my defense of inspiration, the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the need to be alert for Christ’s coming, my complaints about tabloid journalism, my hope for peace in the Middle East, my rejection of the Book of Mormon, my warning against false doctrine.

My money is on the Middle East, after a quick visit on his website. Or, better – maybe it was my suggestion that people read the Koran or any book before writing a book review of it.

Surprisingly, he did not use the catch-all adjective, Politically Correct.

When them come from certain quarters, insults like this make my day!

Btw – all are welcome to visit or

To God be all glory!


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