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Recommended Reading – Ed Trefzger

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Ed Trefzger

Ed Trefzger

I am hard pressed to name one individual theologian who has benefited me the most, so I put together a list of “must read” books and their authors, some with comments. Many are not what we would call New Covenant Theology, but I would commend them above many which are. I’ve split it into essentials, additional reference, and some secondary works. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some and I’m sure you have more.


1) Abraham’s Four Seeds — John Reisinger

The magnum opus.

2) The Law of Christ — Charles Leiter

He gets it right. The writing is sweet, biblical, and concise.

3) The End of the Law — Jason C. Meyer

Explains Paul brilliantly.

4) God’s Indwelling Presence — James Hamilton

How the ministry of the Holy Spirit is unique to the NC.

5) New Covenant Theology — Wells and Zaspel

Foundational. I don’t agree with all (as some BT in recent years has moved things forward), but it lays out the case well.

6) Gospel Centered Hermeneutics — Graeme Goldsworthy

Brilliant in learning Christ as the hermeneutic (helping avoid systematic error)

7) Paul and the Law — Brian S. Rosner

OT as wisdom and prophetic witness; brilliant.

8) Transformed by God — David G. Peterson

9) Possessed by God — David G. Peterson

Sanctification and living in these two volumes.

10) New Covenant Morality in Paul — T. J. Deidun

He gets the exegesis right; need to sift out the RC stuff.

11) All Things New — Carl B. Hoch, Jr.

12) Christian Personal Ethics — Carl F. H. Henry

13) Studies in the Sermon on the Mount — D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Brilliant and beautiful

14) Forgotten God — Francis Chan

Title says it; too many within NCT are afraid of the Holy Spirit and it shows.

15) The Work of the Holy Spirit — Abraham Kuyper

A classic.

16) Desiring God — John Piper


17) Showing the Spirit: A Theological Exposition of 1 Corinthians, 12-14 — D. A. Carson

Carson explains this the best of anyone; a good guard against diminishing our view of the Holy Spirit

18) Counsel from the Cross — Fitzpatrick and Johnson

Counseling based on the Gospel and from a fairly NCT direction

19) 40 Questions for Christians About Biblical Law — Thomas Schreiner

20) Theological Foundations for New Covenant Ethics — A. Blake White

Moving things forward. A great, short read.


1) Kingdom Through Covenant — Gentry and Wellum

Heavy lifting, but excellent. The biblical theology that NCT has needed. Perhaps “Progressive Covenantalism” will supplant the tarnished “NCT”.

2) New Testament Theology — Thomas Schreiner

3) The Meaning of the Pentateuch — John Sailhamer

“Not books of the law, but books about the law.” Abraham’s faith, not the Mosaic law, is the essential story.

4) Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament — Carson and Beale

How the OT is used in the new; especially helpful when we miss the allusions. Worth every penny.

5) The Temple and the Church’s Mission — Gregory Beale

Some CT that I disagree with, but huge in seeing typology, especially on Ezekiel 40-48.

6) Perspectives Old and New on Paul — Stephen Westerholm

Before Rosner, this was the best.

7) New Testament Theology — Frank Thielman

8) An Introduction to the New Testament — Carson and Moo

9) Galatians Commentary — Schreiner

10) Romans Commentary — Moo

11) Jesus as Torah in John 1-12 — Dan Lioy

Foundational to understanding Word made flesh in light of OT

12) The Book of Isaiah (3 Volumes) — Edward C. Young

Isaiah 42:6 and 49:8: Christ is the covenant

13) Christ-Centered Biblical Theology — Goldsworthy

Defending the rationale of Gospel Centred Hermeneutics

14) According to Plan — Goldsworthy

An introductory biblical theology; maybe a good place to start before other BTs

15) Exegetical Fallacies — D. A. Carson

Read it and weep.

16) The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God — Carson

Free download. Tackles a tough topic, but not an easy read in parts.

17) God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment — Hamilton

A good, mostly NCT-oriented BT


1) In Defense of Jesus the New Lawgiver — Reisinger

A little too much polemic, and a little too defensive, but a good read.

2) Tablets of Stone — Reisinger

Later Reisinger refines the message, but still worthwhile

3) Goldsworthy Trilogy — Goldsworthy

Especially The Gospel in Revelation

4) Christ of the Covenants — O. Palmer Robertson

Seeing Christ in all of Scripture.

5) The Unfolding Mystery — Edmund P. Clowney

A presbyterian perspective of Christ in all of Scripture, but very good.